Inactive [ADMN/INFO] MineBans v0.8 - A Fair Global Banning System [1.2.5-R4.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Jacek, Mar 10, 2012.

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    Reasons are only for global bans,local ones don't have a reason. I'm planning to add local reasons soon but the problem is I want to just keep the one simple /ban command so it's pretty tricky to work out what the user is trying to do.
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    Do you think you could also add reason for kick ,
    because you mostly kick somebody if he does something not allowed and tell it in the kick message
    and thanks for the fast replying :D
    Greets Revo
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    revo96 That's all planned with the upcoming warning system. I'm happy with the website and global ban set up for now so I'm looking into making dealing with minor rule breakers a bit easier too.

    Now on BukkitDev, :D

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  4. Works nice this is the first ban system that works. Nice. Nice system better then mcbans. Like it. Keep up the good work
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    I think so too ;) Some awesome new stuff will be coming soon as well :D

    Since people keep asking me if this is dead for some reason here are some stats:

    Servers registered: 220
    Servers that have made an API request: 118
    Bans uploaded: 1085
    Bans with evidence: 871 (80.3%)

    API Requests (total): 620,000
    API Requests (last 24 hours): 8200

    Average time between API requests (all time): 16 seconds
    Average time between API requests (last 24 hours): 11 seconds

    So not massive but very not dead :D

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  6. I like the system realy. And not because i am a noob. But by mcbans i had the problem that my server was not showing. the still fixsing it for me i think. i dont had anny replay on my suport ticket for 4 days now. So i think the are lost and do not now how to fix it i think. Thats my opinion. And now this is working as a rocket. Keep up the good work. Greets Mike
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    Important Update: Support for any version of the plugin below v0.10 will be removed with the next major version. This means that you need to update to be able to keep using the plugin ;)

    The new version has a new server verification method that will allow servers that do not always have the same IP to use the system. Since there was no concepts of a server being verified before now all servers that have made an API request in the past have been marked as verified and those that haven't will need to be verified. The idea behind this is to stop people issuing bans from servers they do not own.
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    how do i get an api request
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    wut ?
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    Never mind i got it
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    Good good, thanks for letting me know :D

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