Inactive [ADMN/GEN] AutoGroup v1.1.1 - Manage players based on time and PayPal donations. [1.4.5-R1.0]

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    AutoGroup was a mod I started a long time ago in response to the needs of a server I play on and of those requested by the general public. It has long spent it's time at the bottom of my todo list, instead my time devoted largely to custom plugin requests. Anyway, it is time for me to reveal it to everyone.

    AutoGroup is a unique plugin that aims to make the management of groups and promotions much easier for server owners. It keeps track of the time the player has spent online, date they joined and last join time in a sqlite database. This database is then used to give admins the ability to promote users once certain playtime goals are set. There is currently the ability for one longevity rank, ie. Spend one month on the server and three 'addiction ranks', eg accumulate a total of 100 hours playtime.
    The other core feature of AutoGroup is it's PayPal donation management system, completely controlled by you! No information ever leaves your website at all. It's setup can be complicated, but I assure the rewards are great. This system makes use of PayPal's Instant Payment Notification API to give near instant confirmation of the payment, which is then inserted into a MySQL database ready for the user to claim. Safe, secure and fast semi-automatic donations.

    Installation - Donations
    1. Run once to generate default config.
    2. Using phpMyAdmin or a similar tool create a database, if using the donation feature, that is accessible from both your web server and Minecraft server. You may need to make sure MySQL binds to the correct ip to allow outside access. Then place donate.php in a directory on your web server and edit the variables as outlined below:
      $host = "localhost";
      $username = "AutoGroup";
      $password = "AutoGroup";
      $database = "AutoGroup";
      $myemail = "YOUR EMAIL HERE";
    3. Read this:
    4. As I cannot have a PayPal account I can't tell you the correct steps, but read the instructions and you will figure it out. The URL is where you put donate.php In short if using a PayPal button you can add notify_url="" else follow the instructions.
    5. If you wish to test using PayPal's sandbox API, use donate.php and follow the instructions here
    6. Put your database details in AutoGroup/config.yml
    7. Thats it!
    Installation - Time features
    The config is self explanatory, but here it is for reference:
    debug: true
    # MYQL Database Information
    dbName: AutoGroup
    username: AutoGroup
    password: AutoGroup
    # Internal Table Structure - Do not change!
    table: donators
    table2: players
    # Set to true if players belong to more than 1 group
    addGroup: false
    # Promotion command.
    # %1$s == glayername
    # %2$s == group
    command: permissions player setgroup %1$s %2$s
    # The interval between checking players times
    interval: 60
    # Loyalty Information
    loyaltyGroup: Whitelist
    loyaltyTime: 2678400
    # Donation Information
    don1Group: Don1
    don2Group: Don2
    don3Group: Don3
    don1Amount: 15
    don2Amount: 25
    don3Amount: 26
    addict1Group: Addict1
    addict2Group: Addict2
    addict3Group: Addict3
    addict1Amount: 3600
    addict2Amount: 36000
    addict3Amount: 360000
    All times are measured in seconds. To disable a time feature set the time to 0. Addict ranks are given based on cumulative playtime and the loyalty rank is based on how long since they joined the server. The MySQL information is for donations only, and the rest is self explanatory. The default command will work for PermissionsBukkit users.

    /donate [Transaction ID]
    Command to donate via PayPal, simply follow it with the transaction id.
    /playtime <Player name>
    Show statistics about your playtime in seconds, and if you have the permission and another argument is specified, that players information.

    description: Allows use of the donate command
    default: true
    description: Allows use of the playtime command
    default: true
    description: Allows use of the playtime command on others
    default: op
    description: Prevents player from being ranked
    default: op

    Show your thanks
    Well as I may have outlined before, no PayPal account for myself, therefore no donations, however your thanks means a lot to me.
    If you are an experienced server owner a tutorial video would be tremendous, just pm me!

    Version 1.1.1 - Fix status bug

    Version 1.1 - Fix config, add autogroup.norank
    Version 1.0 - Initial release

    People who may want this (Those I've seen in the plugin request section):
    @bobbysmithyy @lmc @Zaros @Lucce96 @jwnordquist @Rowtag @LittleNiamh @sephirothtm @Cheezetarts @Father Of Time
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    God bless you.
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    Why thanks. I just remembered you and added the link to the source. Whoops forgot to tag @Cheezetarts
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    Kind of confused as to how to install

    Wait I just got an error, is this only compatible with PermissionsBukkit?

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    Show your thanks
    Well as I may have outlined before, no PayPal account for myself, therefore no donations, however your thanks means a lot to me.
    If you are an experienced server owner a tutorial video would be tremendous, just pm me!

    @bobbysmithyy, maybe remove that huge quote please.
    For PayPal Donations:
    1) Create databse
    2) Upload script with database info
    3) Register script url with Paypal
    4) Put database info in config.yml
    5) /reload

    0.o Forgot to remove that. One sec.
    EDIT: Fixed

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  6. Either remove the ridiculous comparisons to buycraft or I'll get a mod to do it. You did that on purpose.

    I don't care about this, it just proves xckd's comic.
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    As you wish, done.
  8. Thanks

    Looking over this it's nothing like my plugin so I'm sorry for previous things. I would however like you to pm me as I have a few concerns on your mysql queries and I'm offering you my help
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    Sure, go ahead and delete previous posts if you want.
    Regarding mysql I just whacked it in there so any concerns would be appreceated.
    Edit: And I guess the apologies are mutual.
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  10. I will contact you later as I have some things to do.
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    So do I, mine include sleeping.
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    Super cool plugin
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    This handles PayPal donations for ranks? And you tagged me for it?

    GET. OUT. OF MY HEAAAD. :eek:

    In other news: Sweet, a decentralized donation plugin!

    Edit: Given time, I may make the video for you. I don't even have time to try this out atm.

    Another edit: Any possible way that you could have the plugin check the age of the query against a specifiable time in the config? From what I see, this is a perma-promotion on donation. I need a plugin that can derank players after their promotion period is up. If you add that, you might also want to consider a way for it to check how much they donated, and compare it to see how much time they get. Another suggestion is multiple donation items. For example: /donate list returns what donation amounts can get you, and then /donation [item] [TID] checks your donation amount against what is required for that item. If you have enough, you get it. If not, your denied. In that case though, you would have to have the ability to enter multiple codes because you may not donate enough the first time.

    Sorry if what I put above is a bit confusing. Way to busy to code this myself, but I had a crap load of ideas for mine for when I got to it.
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    You have forgotten to add the latest RB this plugin works on ;)
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    I would be so grateful, it's a permanent donations atm.
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    I am really looking forward to trying this out, looks incredible.

    Cheers mate.
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    This is really neat and I love the idea. But I use buycraft now. If only this was out 3 months ago :D
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    1.1 Is out. autogroup.ignore permission and config comments fixed.
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    could you add what worlds it ignores it also does not work... i use permissions 3.x yeti and it tries to use the global config then it can't so its goes for the default world config but i don't have "world" i have 3 worlds but none of them are called world. so could you add a config which worlds it promotes to?

    i had a typo there on the "could you add what worlds it ignores" but i meant to say "could you add worlds that it promotes to?" thanks.

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    I can't remember the yeti command but you gotta edit:
    permissions player setgroup %1$s %2$s

    to the command where %1$s is the player and %2$s is the group.
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    What i mean it says Everyone congratulate Colm on becoming Member. I look at the console no errors but it says that it can't find the group on the global setting so then it says going to default world and i do not have the map name as world so thats what i mean i can give you my config but i don't think its a bug i just think it only does global or world it does not attempt on trying to find the other worlds. So i may of got the wrong thing from what you said so i'm sorry if i did. Thanks.
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    Not my problem, it's permissions. Either upgrade or take the command you normally use to promote people and put it in the config like so:
    # Promotion command.
    # %1$s == glayername
    # %2$s == group
    command: permissions player setgroup %1$s %2$s
    # Promotion command. # %1$s == glayername # %2$s == group command: permissions player setgroup %1$s %2$s

    Unless you are using permissionsbukkit you have to do that.
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    well can i use the permissions plus commands because thats the best way i will try it now

    Ok i tested it and some groups with the permission autogroup.norank does not work and they still get promoted/demoted.

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    Permissions 3 is NOT SUPPORTED
    Use a real permissions plugin such as:
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    i can't though because all my permissions or 3.x and still a lot of plugins support it because its still a really popular plugin so i can't say to do so but please could you add support to do so sorry to bug you if you can't :(.
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    Life is about standards. For nearly six months Bukkit has been moving to those standards. No new plugins use Permissionss 2/3 anymore.
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    They all do still if you want i can give you links to new plugins with 3.x support? but like i say its your choice it does work just the nodes don't work.
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    I cant get it to switch me to another rank.
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    If you want to switch permissions, there is an easier way to convert your permissions file.
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    Love it. <3

    However, what if you have different ranks from donating? For example, $20 for VIP2, $10 for VIP1. If they donate $10 one week, they will get VIP1. What if they donate $10 the next week? Will they be promoted to VIP2 because they have donated $20 in all?

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