[ADMN/GEN]AdminCmd 7.3.5-time, give, tp, repair,kill, warp,weather,afk,OpenInv [1.5.1]

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    AdminCmd - Fork of PlgEssentials:
    [​IMG] Website : www.admincmd.com
    [​IMG] Wiki : http://wiki.admincmd.com
    [​IMG] BugTracker : http://bug.admincmd.com
    [​IMG] Downloads : HERE
    [​IMG] GitHub : http://github.com/Belphemur/AdminCmd

    AdminCMD is a powerful plug-in that brings you commands that can give you total management over your server. Featuring the most widely used commands in Bukkit server management such as: inventory management, banishment of bad players, limitation to teleporting, setting spawn and home way points, and much, much more! Blockface approved and rated as one of the best plug-in by server owners.
    Unleash the power of Bukkit!

    For the blog : www.admincmd.com
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    Right.. I've been very careful and made sure that everything I can think of is set up properly, but, without fail, I always get "You do not have permission to do that !"

    My permissions filename has the world named correctly.
    I am named in the ops.txt
    I'm using Bukkit 677 on a brohoster server
    Here's the end part of my Permissions configuration txt --
    Code (Text):
    1. users:
    2.     salrith:
    3.         group: Admins
    4.         permissions:
    5.             - 'admincmd.time.day'
    I tried changing my permissions to "- '*'" and "- 'admincmd.*'" - nothing works.
    I used "- 'admincmd.time.day'" simply as a test command, since typing /day is easy, hehe.

    It's driving me mad, for this looks like an excellent plugin - but for the life of me, I can't work out why it wont work x.=.x

    Any help would be appreciated, hehe.
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    By default the group admins have all the permissions (-'*')

    Can you send me the log when the server start ?
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    Although this is probably common knowledge to most people, I am having trouble working out how to spawn coloured wool. Can someone please give me an example command line so I know how to do it.

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    I think it would be nice if you added a configure file that allowed you to edit the messages when you use a command. Personally I don't like the messages or colors of the text for your commands.
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    when i download it i don't get an folder. why?
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    Because it's a JAR file... not a zip. It doesn't have settings, merely permissions. You just place the JAR in your plugins directory and add the relevant permissions to your permissions YML file.
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    okey but can u send me download link to permission YML file then?
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    You need a permissions plugin. Personally I use permissions V2.7 (Phoenix)
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    well.. just need update items list cause minecraft 1.5_01 have new items, ive downloaded new bukkit and this plugin works fine.. i just cant spawn new rails ;)
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    @filipe : I can't do anything for this. We have to wait the bukkit's team to add it in their list of item :)
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    yap ure right :), ive downloaded now the new verion of bukkit and i can spawn all... :p
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    GREAT plugin, but I'm used to different names for items. is there a file somewhere where i can edit the names?

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    @ImontypythonI : they are the official bukkit names. Because I want this plugin to be light as possible I'll not add a config file.
  17. Any chance of getting a non-versioned download link? Please?
    CraftBukkitUpToDate and all that jazz.
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    @DemmyDemon : Changed the link to dropbox instead of github
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    White Sheep

    /time day|night|.. doesnt work and /day
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    It's work like a charm in bukkit 733.

    Do you have something in your log ?
    Do you have Permissions installed ?
    1. If yes check the Permissions nodes.
    2. If no, are you an OP ?
    Do you have something on your tchat when you type the command ?
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    White Sheep

    * Running on build 733
    * Nothing in log
    * Yes i have Permissions installed
    * Permissions nodes = *
    * Yes i am op
    * Nothing in chat

    /day works now:S,
    /time still doesnt works
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    Well ... The only thing I can recommend is to download the plugin again and restart the server ...

    maybe you have an another plugin that have the same command...
  23. Automagic updating with CraftBukkitUpToDate works now. Thanks a bunch!
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    Why is the list command named /plist? Why not name it /list or if you want to keep the original command use /who instead?
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    any chance of adding weather commands to this?
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    So what do I do if I want to blacklist items from other players except myself?
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    @Sorken : I can add a another alias if you want.

    @masasuka : It's on my todo list, I was just waiting someone to ask for it ^^

    @King_Koopa : It's a GENERAL blacklist for all the player without any exception. I'll add a new permissions node to avoid the blacklist ^^
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    version 4.6 out with ... WEATHER :)
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    @King_Koopa : It's a GENERAL blacklist for all the player without any exception. I'll add a new permissions node to avoid the blacklist ^^[/quote]

    Thanks, it would be really helpful to restrict TNT from other players except myself :)
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    Can you add God Mode?
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    The blacklist works great! But unfortunately the command /more for blacklisted items is restricted. As admin, I can spawn any item on the blacklist but cant do /more if the item is blacklisted for other groups.

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