Inactive [ADMN/FUN/GEN/TP] CommandsEX v2.0 - Modular all-in-one admin plugin [1.4.5-R1.0]

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    Hey im new to minecraft got bukkit server up running i got your plugin in it be you tell me how i set ownership so know i am admin not letm e slap or do you have manuel to this plugin ?

    also say vault plugin not installed

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  3. The bug where you cannot use /slap will be fixed in the next update so don't worry about that! Also yes it says Vault is not installed because it is not. You have to install Vault to use Vault specific commands.
  4. We have added a donate button as requested by a user of the plugin, feel free to use it :p
  5. Fixed the donate button.
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    best plugin thx :))))))))))))))))))))) YEA thx​
  7. Thanks, means a lot to me!
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    Hey, have you guys thought about adding something that could protect blocks or chests? My old server you could place what they called a "spell" on the chest and only you could open it. Same goes for doors, buttons, and levers.
  9. I'm not sure, there is already other plugins out there that do this. We will think about it.

    Version Beta 1.75 is now Available

    This release was mainly about bug fixes and general usability improvements, although we did add some nice new features too. We have replace the /kittycannon command with /cannon, allowing you to now fire mob cannons from other players and choose which mob you want to fire with a custom explosion strength too.
    This update also includes Custom Death Messages which support colors too and an Update Announcer to alert you of when a CommandsEX update comes out.
    As usual you can find the changelog here, download from SourceForge, BukkitDev andCommandsEX Builder Page.
    Have fun and please be sure to report bugs or potential improvements to us!

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    Does this plugin have /vanish?
  11. Yes, it's /inv

    Version 1.76 is now available

    This is a very small update to fix some Update Alerter problems should be less annoying now. Links: Changelog, Download from SourceForge, BukkitDevand the CommandsEX Builder Page.

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    the /time set or add is weird. it says "You do not have the permission to set time"
    im not using any permission plugins, and im the op on my server. any solutions?
    server 1.2.5 r4.0
    commandsEX 1.7.6
    bLift v1.2.1 (plugin for elevator)
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    Is it possible to disable some features?
  14. Fixed the issue, thanks for reporting.

    Yes, you can choose exactly what feature you want at the CommandsEX Builder.
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    the only thing that annoys me that I make the explosions of all things and creepers actually explode things....
    how do I make them to explode and ruin the ground and stuff?
  16. To allow/block them from exploding, open config.yml and near the bottom find:
    # Land/Explosion Control
    # Prevents mob damage caused by explosions (true blocks, false for normal behavior)
    blockMobExplosionDamage: true
    # Prevents land damage caused by creepers (true block, false for normal behavior)
    blockCreeperExplosions: true
    # Prevents land damage caused by TNT (true block, false for normal behavior)
    blockTNTExplosions: true
    # Prevents land damage caused by Fireballs (true block, false for normal behavior)
    blockFireballExplosions: true
    True blocks that kind of explosion, false allows it.
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    This beats Essentials :)
  18. Yay! :D Thanks!
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    I like a very configurable plugin, but what is configurable? I'm on vacation so I can't test it.
  20. I would be here for days listing them all, but basically everything. If there is anything you would like to be configurable that isn't already then let us know.
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    FYI, the problem still occurs. it was only working for 1 day.
    Edit: now i started a new map. somehow the time command works again. it's glitchy. can you double check?
  22. I know what the problem was and I fixed it, it might be an issue with your permissions plugin, please tell me what permissions plugin you use (if any).
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    like i said in my previous post, i dont have permission plugins
    server: 1.2.5 r4.0
    commandsEX 1.7.6
    bLift v1.2.1 (plugin for elevator)
  24. Okay I'll look into it then. Thanks again for reporting :)
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    Love the nanosuit XD! Almost deleted this for essentials but now i might delete essentials for this :D!
  26. Glad you like it!
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    You guys should add the sign shop and sign protections to the plugin like essentials. Then this would be the ultimate Plugin. :D
  28. Possibly yeah :)
  29. Ehh to loong and me to lazy
  30. Version 1.80 is now available

    We had to release this update earlier due to CraftBukkit R5.0 coming out. This version allows cannon to be used with other entities like TNT and items, you can even choose what kind of item explodes by using something like /cannon item:grass. The spawn mob command was completely rewritten to support things like /mob sheep:red and /mob ocelot:red, you even do /mob wolf:angry. We also added /invsee which allows you to view and edit other players inventories. Have fun :)
    Links: Changelog, Download from SourceForge, BukkitDev and the CommandsEX Builder Page.

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