Inactive [ADMN/FUN] ChangePlayerName V1.2 - Change your name, skin and more [1317]

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    This plugin is potentially dangerous. It may break your plugins and can potentially be used to grief. Don't give this plugins permissions node to everyone. For the love of god, do not add an ascii color code to your new name. Do not use this command under the influence of drugs. I take no responsibility for what you do with this plugin.


    So this is a plugin which can change a players name ingame, with no logouts. This is the command:
    • /changename <playername> - Changes your username (Permissions node changename.change)
    This is a very powerful plugin, as its not just a simple Nickname changer plugin.

    • Changing your player name ingame
    • Changing the name displayed in /who
    • Changing the name in chat
    • Changing skin to the new name for other users. It won't change for yourself due to a limitation in minecraft
    • Changing usergroup to the new name (does not change permissions with PermissionsEX)
    • Changing name that appears above your head

    • As stated above, changing skin for yourself is not possible due to a limitation in minecraft
    • Can be used to become a higher ranked user, so don't give this to default users :p
    • None others that I have found
    Possible Uses

    • Server administration - Checking user groups without having to re log or ask other users
    • Server administration - Disguise as a default user to moniter other people
    • Developing - Checking you coded permissions right :D
    • Fun - Convince your users you are Notch! Or Jeb! Or Team Avocado! (lol)
    Version 2
    • Recompiled for the latest RB (1317)
    • Now checks if the player is op as well as having the permissions node
    Version 1
    Initial release - LINK

    lahwran - He released the code for changing the name, I implemented it :D

    Source Code
    Source is avaliable at

    Yes, I know this should be on Bukkit Dev, and it is!
  2. sounds good ill give it a try
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    Nice :). I will test it and be NOTCH :D or Herobrine xD

    What are the server saying if you login??

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    If you logoff the server when using this plugin, you will log back on with your normal username
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    Herpa Derp :O
    Really nice :D
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    Ok could that be on the todo list?? To make i be there maybe save it in a database??
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    Might add that :D
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    Im having a permisssions Problem. well, at least i think it is. Whenever i try to change my name, it says" Nope! cant do that! /changename [playername]. I gave myself permissions to do it, but i still cannot seem to get it to work. There are no console errors. my plugins are Spout SpoutTexturepack bPermissions CuboidPlugin Spoutbackpack SPItems Spoutfly and of course ChangePlayerName.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    This is a terrible idea.

    If you want to fake people, modify outgoing packets instead. No damage to other plugins.
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    Anyways, mobdisguise does this perfectly with the added mob changing too.
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  11. The source...Scares me.
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    Thanks :D
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    This is EXACTLY what "MobDisguise" does -_-
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    plugin version missing in the title
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    Cape from Url would be great!
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    I has fixed it :)
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    01:24:45 [INFO] Bukkit sad. Bukkit want you to access command, but Bukkit cannot let you. Bukkit will leak tears :'(
    Getting this in console and ingame. I'm in ops.txt and * in permissions.
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    please update to latest recommended cb
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    developer inactive, moved
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    The proper way is to edit the title and report the post, but this works too.
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    When i try to change my name, it tells me something about bukkit sad bukkit will leak tears.
    Using GroupManager with the * permission.
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    Umm rymate1234 I have couple of suggestions/ideas/requests for this plugins.

    First of all, it is awesome, I am using it on my server to look at others, but!

    A) when I logg out, I come back with my usual account, and I would like that it would keep so. I mean if my nick is ababaLT and I change it to BUTTERTOAST after relog I login as ababaLT. I would like that I would log in with ababaLT but everyone would see BUTTERTOAST name/displayname.

    B) about that seriuos potential danger you mentioned before. Can't you make a some kind of exemption which dissallows to changename to certain nicks. For example I am admin ababaLT and no one can change his/her nick to ababaLT (those nicks could be mentioned in config.yml or w/e.

    C) To let people choose them name only once/in certain period of time. I think this one is obvious itself.

    D) This one is extra and not so important but it would be awesome to make change names for a price like 10000 Iconomy cash or w/e.

    So thank you for reading this long but I hope interesting letter and I believe that you are able to make all of those req/ideas/suggestions :D

    Thanks again,
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    "Bukkit sad. Bukkit want you to access this command, but Bukkit wont let you. Bukkit will leak Tears :'(" is when i get when i type /changename horse
    Help? I am using permssions 3 and essentails. Thoughs are the 2 plugins that i think might conflict.
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    Yea, this plugin isn't compatible with Permissions 3

    Please switch to a plugin that's compatible with the new SuperPerms standard such as bPermissions

    Yea, I'll work on that for the next update :)

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    My suggestions...
    1) you can go invisible.
    2) you can have a blank name
    3)Compatiblity with permssions 3
    4)Adfy download option so you can make some moola
    5)a folder with configs
    6)Skins for sertain players when a player changes name in the files (that way it can be a made up charater)
    That is all for now :D
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    1. I beleive the plugin VanishNoPacket can do that
    2. Possible, I'll work on that for the next update
    4. Adfly is banned on these forums. And anyway, I woud earn hardly anything.
    5. Yea, is coming
    6. Not possible :(

    Oh, didn't see your post there! :(
    Is group manager superperms compatible? If not the permissions won't work, you need a superperms plugin

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    mm.. thank you anyways
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    Oh my god rymate1234 youre the first one who accepted my ideas. I nao feel like your my Hero. :D I k33d k33d, but seriously, thank you very much. :p
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    My new name is still in admin's red color in chat, so everybody knows I am an admin. I use PermissionsBukkit and mChat

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