[ADMN] FullChest v2.5 - Keep those chests full! Now supports dispensers! [766]

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    <font color="rgb(20, 20, 20)">FullChest v2.5 - Keep those chests full! Now supports dispensers! [766]</font>
    <font color="rgb(20, 20, 20)">Version: v2.5</font>

    <font color="rgb(20, 20, 20)">I run a 100% creative server and at our spawn we have a area with chests that I used to have to manually fill over.. and over... and over. I got tired of this, so this plugin auto-fills chests with the item specified when someone opens it! Version 2 supports dispensers.</font>

    <font color="rgb(20, 20, 20)">Features:</font>
    * Permissions support!
    * Fills up chests! It is never empty
    * Also fills up dispensers! (If you include the dispenser version)

    <font color="#1061b3"><Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    <font color="rgb(20, 20, 20)">How to install:</font>
    <font color="rgb(20, 20, 20)">Version 1</font>
    * Drag<font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)"> ONE OF THE JARS</font> into plugins folder
    * Reload/restart server
    * Create a chest
    * Directly on top or right below the chest, create a wallsign.
    * First line: Anything!
    * Second line: "Full Chest"
    * Third line: Item ID
    * Fourth line: Anything!
    * Open/close chest to make sure it worked.

    For a dispenser, you can put the sign directly above or below the dispenser, and on the 2nd line put "Full Dispenser", 3rd line: Item ID.

    To apply a damage value, on the third line right after the Item ID, put a colon and the damage value. Ex: 44:1 (Sandstone slabs)

    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">DISPENSER SETUP:</font>
    Change the setting in /Fullchest/config.txt to 1.

    Permission nodes:
    * Be an operator gives you all access

    * FullChest.SetupChest - Allows you to set up chests to auto fill.

    * FullChest.SetupDispenser- Allows you to set up dispensers to auto fill.


    <font color="rgb(20, 20, 20)">[​IMG]</font>

    <font color="rgb(20, 20, 20)">Change Log:</font>
    <font color="rgb(20, 20, 20)">Version 2.5</font>
    * Added item:damage system. Stacks now only stack up to the max stack size.

    <font color="rgb(20, 20, 20)"><font color="rgb(20, 20, 20)">Version 2.0</font>
    * Scary dispenser support... Added ability to have sign under the chest.
    </font>Version 1.0
    * released it!
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    Nice plugin, I was searching for something like this.
    I see are the same who made firstspawn, I hoPe you will male much plugins :D
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    Any chance we could have support for filling dispensers too?
    I can see that being very useful on my server.
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    I'll look into it! I know it's possible, I just need to make the updates :)

    EDIT: @Onza40 - Dispenser support added. It's slow though :(

    Also made it so that you can put it directly below the chest too. Version 2.0 is uploaded
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  5. Awesome Plugins! :D
    Thank you.
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    This is great!

    Could you add, in the future sometime, to stop the amount any person takes from it? say playerA can only take 64 every hour or something. so maybe the 4th line could be something like 64:60 or something... idk lol :p

    Keep up the work ^_^
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    @svict4 I kinda like the idea actually! I'm not sure how long until I get that to work, but i'll look into it.

    i also plan on eventually allowing itemid:damagevalue so you can use it to make colored wools and different kind of slabs, etc.
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    I was just gonna use it to make refilling arrow traps, so as long as they're not constantly firing it should be fine, thanks :)
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    Cool plugin and its installed
    i only installed it for the Dispenser
    and the chest is working and the dispenser is not :( please help
    and yea i added FullChest_Dispenser only into Plugins folder

    Any one please ?

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    Hmm, its kinda anoying trying to make a store that refills chests, but this dont work with iConomy, BOSEconomy og Realshop:(
    Any idea to a shop with unlimited chests?:s
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    Nicolaj ..
    you can use sign shops plugin so you can make shop with the sign :p
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    nice plugin, but it has allready been done in an easier way. Just search supplysigns. It is much simpler and the chest is not neccessary. But great plugin!
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    Thanks A27hmad!
    - How can i make a sign for Slabs, Colored Wool?:D

    - And is there anyway to make stacks with one in each (Bed's etc.), instead of the 64 stacks of beds, no one needs 64 beds!:p
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    • First line: Anything!
    • Second line: "Full Chest"
    • Third line: Item ID
    • Fourth line: Anything!
    • Open/close chest to make sure it worked.
    It just doesnt do anything i put the sign in i have NO dispencer.jar plz help
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    Hey Carbunkulous!
    I love the plugin, works like a charm.

    Is there any chance, the damagevalue will be implemented?

    Oh wait, I just realized, that this plugin is three days old ^^°
    No stress, just take it as a feature wish for the future.
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    @Tyco , I've already finished the code for damage values and even to stop non-stack items from getting 64, but I am having an odd scoping error I need to figure out...

    Edit: Figured it out. I changed how it enables/disables dispensers. Only one JAR now. Max stack is followed, damage values added.

    @Magnet_man16 fixed :)
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    Oh Sir!
    You are made of awesome! [diamond]

    btw download link still says "2.0", not "2.5"
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    Derp :p Fixed
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    Bed's, chest's and furnace still stacks 64:(
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    Thanks again, Carbunkulous. With your plugin we were finally able to make a building center for all non-admin players, where they can get their equipment. Saves us a lot of time and nerves. ^^

    I also appreciate the fact that it needs no console-bashing whatsoever. Good job!
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    @nicoaj , That's because Minecraft allows you to stack beds... for whatever reason. Go ahead and make two beds, they'll stack. =/ I'm just pulling the material's getStackSize for my ItemStack... I'll look into making exceptions.
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    Could you make the max stack setting globally configurable?
    A property like "obey_max_stack_size" which can be set true/false.
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    the link doesn't work it will take u to media fire but every time u hit download a pop up come up every time
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    I plan on updating all my plugins to the latest bukkit (Whatever 1.6.6 is, I forget the RB#) very soon, for this plugin I plan on incorporating a custom file to override the max stack size... any more suggestions? :D
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    Hey, very nice plugin! :)
    What about a function to make a "blacklist" of Items that a FullChest can not be filled with?
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    it would be possible to modify the plugin to add the user IDs with declination as wool 35.1, 35.2, 35.3 etc. .. and another items with xx.xx
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    People searching for a alternative with awesome dispenser support, Infinite Chests, Dispensers!
    Check out my signature!
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    Dubble chest? :D

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