Inactive [ADMN/EDIT] ChunkFixer 0.7 - Fix broken chunks! [1.2.3 R0.2]

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    About ChunkFixer
    ChunkFixer is a plugin that is designed to fix any chunks that you are having an issue with. Sometimes in Minecraft, chunks just seem to have problems and that can cause problems to you, as the server administrator. There are many ways to fix these errors, but this is one of the easier ways to do so. This plugin is multi-world compatible, meaning you can be in one world and fix a chunk error in another. This plugin is also helpful if you just want to fix a chunk that has had too many explosions on it, or the terrain has been really modified and you don't like it, just simply use the /cf command and you're good.

    Features -
    • Regenerates chunks that are causing non-stop lag / spamming of the server's console!
    • Can regenerate a chunk you are standing on, or a chunk anywhere, in any world.
    • Multi-World support!
    • NOTICE: This plugin doesn't delete everything in the chunk, but instead restores it to it's original state, before anything / anyone ever did anything to it. (This plugin may mess with some things on the surface, including trees. It may tamper with the ores as well.)
    Permissions! -
    Chunkfixer is now permission friendly! If you don't have a permission plugin, it will default to isOp()!

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    chunkfixer.* - All commands for ChunkFixer.

    chunkfixer.fix - Permission for the /chunkfix(/cf) command.

    chunkfixer.fix.far - Permission for the /chunkfix x y [world] command.
    chunkfixer.fix.* - Permissions for both the /chunkfix x y [world] and just plain /chunkfix command.

    chunkfixer.view - Permission for the /chunkhere(/chere) command.
    chunkfixer.other - Permission for regenerating a chunk where another player is standing

    Commands -
    • /chunkfix [x] [y] [world]
    • -/cf [x] [y] [world]
    • -/chunkfixer [x] [y] [world]
    • You can just type in /chunkfix on the chunk you want to regenerate, and you don't have to type in the chunk's coordinates.

    How to install / use -
    • To install this mod, simply place it into your /server/plugins folder, and restart your server.
    • When you have the plugin in there join your server and type in the command "/chunkfix [x] [y] [world]" or just "/chunkfix" if you are standing on the chunk you want to regenerate.
    • Set up the your permission plugin to use the commands, or if you don't have a permission plugin, make sure you are OP! The permission nodes are listed above.
    Suggestions -
    If you have any suggestions for this plugin, just ask and I will see what I can do.

    Future Updates -
    • Add cuboid selections
    Changelog -

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    v0.7 -
    • Built against latest RB (CB 1.1-R4)
    • Added the ability to regenerate a chunk on a player. (/chunkfix <name>) Permission Node: chunkfix.other
    v0.6 -
    • Built against latest RB
    • Cleaned up some code!
    v0.5 -
    • Added Permissions! If you don't have a permissions plugin, it will default to isOp()!
    v0.4 -
    • Fixed version number!
    • Added a null checker. (Should display a message if the chunk isn't there)
    • Built against the latest RB!
    v0.3 -
    • NEW COMMAND! /chunkhere(/chere) to see what chunk you are on!
    v0.2 -
    • Fixed having to type in the world when using coordinates.
    v0.1 -
    • Release

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    Very nice :) this plugin repair my cave xD

    But one issue.. when i type /chunkfix plugin crash my client and i have blue screen at client:
    Can you repair it T_T ..
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    Sure, can you post your server.log file?

    EDIT: Also, try removing and blocks with extra data attached to them(chests, furnaces, dispensers, etc...) and then try it... also, try using the aliases(/cf & /chunkfixer) and if that still crashes then define the chunk you are trying to fix(/cf <x> <y> [world]). Tell me if that fixes anything. :D
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    Looking good :) These are the plugins we really need on Bukkit
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    Thanks :D There used to be a plugin like this that I liked and was very useful, but that went inactive, so I re-made it and added some more functionality.
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    Good! Keep it up, glad to see this
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    This is log for this moment when i have crash..

    2011-11-13 04:31:23 [INFO] [LOCAL]<[Head-Admin] Adrenalineq> look this!
    2011-11-13 04:31:24 [INFO] [LOCAL]<[Head-Admin] Adrenalineq> danger!
    2011-11-13 04:31:26 [INFO] Adrenalineq regenerated chunk at 8,5!
    2011-11-13 04:31:28 [INFO] / lost connection
    2011-11-13 04:31:29 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-11-13 04:31:29 [INFO] Gasiok lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream
    2011-11-13 04:31:30 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-11-13 04:31:40 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-11-13 04:31:41 [INFO] Adrenalineq lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream
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    Hmmmm one you regenerated chunks it seemed like you lost connection. @bergerkiller , i know you have delt with some chunk issues, help this man out?
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    Thanks for that, could you try out the stuff I posted above?
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    Ow I don't know, I mostly ended up comparing packets and storing them in buffers. Then I'd send those using a scheduled task, not too hard to understand but hard to debug. :)

    I did get some random screens like those, appeared to happen when the client receives a chunk it did not previously clear. (it receives a chunk where no Packet50PreChunk packet was sent before to 'open' the chunk slot)

    Can also be some sort of random crash when the client renders the chunk. Can be a million things, but I'd look at the heightmap and lightmap information.


    Ow it's quite simplistic...kinda annoying when it fails like that then.
    So basically, you do this in the following order:
    Either of the two are causing that crash. I don't expect much issues when regenerating the chunk...maybe when refreshing?
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    This is not my IP "2011-11-13 04:31:28 [INFO] / lost connection"

    I try but not not today, tomorrow :)
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    I may have duplicated the problem, I don't think it's an issue involving chest or furnaces, but an issue with chests that are in abandoned mine shafts below, try removing any chests in that particular chunk, and tell me if there is an abandoned mine shaft in it.
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    @Giinger you can easily remove all Tile Entities (it's how they are called) from a chunk. Simply clear the 'TileEntities' map in the native chunk.
    ((CraftWorld) world).getHandle().getChunkAt(x, z).removeEntities();
    Will clear all tile and normal entities. Use it before regenerating the chunk.
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    Hmm, I tried that, doesn't seem to be working... I'll have pqqqqq look at it later for me. He's a little better at this stuff than me.

    EDIT: I'll try doing it before refreshing the chunk instead of regenerating it.

    EDIT EDIT: Nope Still nothing... I guess i'll have pqqqqq look at it later. =\

    I just tested it out... This problem occurs on any plugin that regenerates chunks(WorldEdit, ChunkRegen, etc.) This is a problem with bukkit, I can't really do anything about it. The only way around this is to remove any blocks that have extra data attached to them (Chests, furnaces, mobspawners, etc.) and then regenerating the chunk.

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    If your going to post a submission please follow the rules and guidelines on the sticky don't just post it on this forum aswell.
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    That is found here:
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    Ok, I added some information in the OP, thanks :)
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    Chunks regenerate to a different seed than was used to generate the rest of the world. How would I get it to generate to the right seed?
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    I'm not really sure what is wrong? When you regenerate the chunk, it regenerates as a different seed? If so, I will look into it.
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    Yes. It seems actually now after some tinkering (and a server crash) as though it's not your plugin after all, but is the entire world's server changed. However a chunk fixed with the wrong seed is better than a broken, glitchy chunk :D
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    There, updated the thread, made it a bit nicer, maybe we can get this moved? :D
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    The problem is with Bukkit. I maded a command to regenerate chunks too, and before 1.2 it was working, but now, it's regenerating the chunk but don't send the chunk to the player, so the player need re-enter the server.
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    I'm not sure what you mean there.. Did you try refreshing the chunk after you regenerated it?
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    Hey so whenever people go into a certain area of my server, everyone lags really badly and suddenly everyone gets end of stream and disconnects. The server is fine if they're not in that area, so I just put up a wall, but people have work in there, and I want to be able to let them access it. Any ideas? (I tried this plugin but it just crashed the server before I could put in the command.
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    Hello !
    Very nice plugin !
    But I had a chunk error and I have a square of dozen of chunks to fix, could you create a command for fixing several chunks in the same time ?

    Thank you
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    Use worldedit, select the region and run //regen
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    Worldedit hasn't updated to .mca yet for some reason. I have the same issue, and I'm using this to repair a 150x300 chunk area as it seems to be the only plugin that can.

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