Inactive [ADMN] DiamondAlerter v 1.0 - alert op's when a diamond ore breaks [1.2.5-R1.2]

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    DiamodAlerter v 1.0

    DiamondAlerter is a plugin which will alert OP's or people with a permission (this may be changed in the config) when a player breaks a diamond ore. It will also be able to log it into a file (this can also be changed in the config).


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    # DiamondAlerter configuration # please handle this as a normal YML file.
    op: true
    permission: true
    log: true
    message: '#Player mined a diamond block at: '
    op: false
    permission: false
    creative: false

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    diamondalerter.alert - this player will be alerted if it's enabled in the config.
    diamondalerter.ignore - this player will get ignored if it's enabled in the config.


    1.0 - released the plugin!

    Upcoming features:

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    A command to deactive and activate the alarm messages.

    Download and source-code:

    Download here

    Feedback and suggestions please :)
    Thanks ! :D

    md_5 can you please take a look at it ? :)

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    FoundBoxx or FoundDiamonds, or essentials and a lot of plugins do this better.
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    I made it for a friend at first. After that I saw no reason to not release it for bukkit, but I know that there are other plugins like this.
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