[ADMN] BedrockControl v1.4 - Place, remove bedrock and get a drop! [953]

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    BedrockControl - Place, remove bedrock and get a drop!
    Version: v1.4

    • Place bedrock.
    • Remove bedrock (and get a drop).
    • Open voids (or not).
    Download BedrockControl!
    Source is inside the jar file.

    Give the player you want this permissions for placing bedrock:
    Give the player you want this permissions for removing bedrock (with right mouse button):
    Give the player you want this permissions for getting a drop while removing bedrock:
    Give the player you want this permissions for opening voids:
    Known bugs:
    None. :D

    This plugin creates a properties file on Plugins/BedrockControl/config.yml. ;)

    Standard properties:
        openvoid: false
        drop: true
        tool: '280'
    Version 1.0
    • Release.
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed properties in Linux.
    • No Permissions? Then everything is only for ops.
    Version 1.2
    • Added open void.
    Version 1.3
    • Works in Beta 1.4.
    Version 1.4
    • You can setup now multiple tools separated by a comma.
    • Properties file is now saved in YAML format.
    • Openvoid now (not) works for the top of the Nether.
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    perissions plz eventually

    and the link is broken

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    I want to keep this thread alive so I put a link in the post above where you can still download BedrockControl v1.4. As for support for permissions, it should work with most permission plugins but I already know it won't work with permissionsbukkit.

    I've been trying to get it to run on permissionsbukkit, but I'm new to java and not sure what I'm doing. I keep getting errors with "permissions = ((permissible) test).getHandler();" and " return usingpermissions ? permissions.has(player, string) : player.isop();" If anyone would like to help me, I would really appreciate it a lot.
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    its not working with regular perms?
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    i think need to update or something quite afew seem to have the permissions problem. using bukkit version 1060
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    @Buckethead - I managed to get it to work as it should using b1000, permissionsbukkit v1.1, and superpermsbridge v1.2. But its the only plugin that I have left that uses superpermsbridge, I wish it would update to work properly with permissionsbukkit.
  7. Is it possible to make this work on multiple tools? For example; Every pickaxe?
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    I tried to download the plugin but the download page isn't available.

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