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    AutoShutdown: Automatically Shutdown/Stop your server at a set time every day.
    Version: v2.2

    I have moved the information for this plugin to BukkitDev.

    This thread will still be used to discuss any possible future changes, and to provide some examples.

    Example config.yml
    config.yml (open)
    #A list of times in 24h format separated by comma to schedule a shutdown for.
    shutdowntimes: 2:00,14:00
    # Reason to give for kicking user on shutdown.
    kickreason: Scheduled Shutdown.
    # Seconds before the shutdown to broadcast a warning message.
    warntimes: 900,600,300,240,180,120,60,45,30,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
    # When doing an immediate shutdown, how many seconds grace should be given.
    gracetime: 30
    # Should we bother kicking users? (recommended)
    kickonshutdown: true

    Example restart scripts
    Windows (open)
    "c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_23\bin\java.exe" -Xms1024M -Xmx2048M -jar craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
    goto begin
    named as run.bat, run from the cmd.exe prompt. Set ms and mx size to what you feel is suitable.

    Path to the java.exe will need to be set.
    Unix (open)
    while true
            echo starting minecraft server ...
            java -Xms1024M -Xmx4096M -jar craftbukkit.jar nogui
            echo sleeping ...
            # Do backups or something useful here
            sleep 5
    named as, run from a screen session.
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    awesome but if i have close the server bat do it running or?
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    If you're asking if the plugin lets you run the server as a windows background service, no. There are ways to do that though, take a look at this:
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    Nice plugin, I'am going to test it on my server.

    Can we set more than one restart in a day ?
    A popular MC server with a lot of plugins need multiples restarts per day to deal with memory leaks and stuff...
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    That's a good feature request, and fairly easy to implement I guess. Will take a look tonight :)
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    I believe the link is broken, this looks very good btw!
    EDIT: It is not broken :D
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    Works with a control panel?
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    I might be a little bit stupid but I donĀ“t understand how to install this plugin...
    I downloaded the zip-file but there is no jar-file in it. How do I do?
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    it's a jar file, if it downloaded as a zip, just rename it to AutoShutdown.jar
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    Thanks, it was that simple!
    By the way, the plugin works nice. Just what I have been looking for!
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    Quick question. When this shuts down a server does it allow time for the console to save the map?
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    It uses the same code for shutting down that the "stop" command uses. I also do a save-all just in case before issuing stop anyway.
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    link dont work
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    Please update the link I realy need this.
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    Can you add SuperPerms support? Because I really need this.
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    Second the SuperPerms support.
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    My SmartScreen Filter says its a virus, please add a mirror
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    Updated to support SuperPerms, removed legacy Permissions support. Updated to latest bukkit recommended build. Hosting it on my own server, rather than anyhub.
  19. It would be great if you could build in a second time for AutoShutdown.
    The plugin in it's actual version works great and how it should be.
    I created a batch for a backup routine but i want to split the backup tasks / i want to use a second backup task per day and so i need a second shutdown time.
    Would be great if you could provide it :)
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    Yep, working on it.

    I learned a lot when I went to write Cron, so I'm integrating those lessons into AS2.0. It's not a major rewrite but the current version of AS probably won't work for the newer CB build, so I recommend you not use it. Cron can fulfil the same function as AS, though it's not quite as functional yet.

    Released 2.0 without the multi shutdown time functionality, as I think its important to have a working AS for now.

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  21. can i somhow make my figur as a op for it i am the op but it say i dont got the permissions so is there a trick??
  22. I mentioned the problem with newer CB versions ;)
    With the last RB there was an timer-error.

    Do you forgot to edit the config file?
    There is no line to edit the second shutdown :)

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    er? read what I wrote? :p "without" not "with".

    New version supports it now though, updating main post.
  24. Omg -_-
    I'm really sry ^^
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    Please fix title:
    [ADMIN] to [ADMN]
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    I am the owner of my server and in permissions i have all commands possible, im op. And also added the nodes seperatly
    Still doesn't work when i try /as or /as now
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    could you help me on like teamviewer on how to get the auto restart working
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    it is /as set now.

    Also, you need the autoshutdown.admin node, and a superperms compatible permissions plugin.

    No, sorry. There is a .bat there and a unix bash script. It's not hard. You must be running it from a .bat anyway, just put a loop around the command like I've done.
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    2.2 released with the ability to schedule new times within the game, and some bugfixes.

    Can't currently *remove* a scheduled shutdown time. Thats next. If 2.1 is working for you, suggest waiting for next version.
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    Any way to change the text 'Server is Shutting Down in 10 minutes' (or whatever time) to Server is restarting in xxxx

    It looks a bit more friendly.

    Brilliantly simple plugin btw :)

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