[ADMN] Autosaveworld v4.9 [1.6.2-R0.1]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Shevchik, Mar 19, 2012.

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    it error happens when plugin backups plugins folder, I don't know the reason, just ignore it if plugin backups world
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    I tried /backup with your latest version and its not making a backup folder in the plugin folder like it used to.
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    yep, restarted server and everything, and /backup does not work on the console or in game.

    It says it made a backup but when I go look no backup was made.
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    Like the above. Backup works (on it's own) but when used as a command it does nothing.
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    i use the plugin with backuptoext folder works fine ;)
    but it also still create the backup at the "plugin/autosaveworld/backups"
    so now i have the backups at the "plugin/autosaveworld/backups" directory and my ext folder

    i punished my server with 10 sek. saves XD

    so a little bug:
    maxnumberofbackups: 5

    at the extfolder destination he makes 5 backups maximal = perfect
    at the normal destination "plugin/autosaveworld/backups he makes 6 Backups J4I
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    critical bug in v3.6 , fixed in 3.7
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    It seems whenever I try to do /backup my server lags out before it can finish.

    What could I do, or what could you do to make make it backup-able?

    Is it possible to slow down how much gets backuped so my server doesnt crash?
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    Are you going to update it to 1.3.1?
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    Same thing happens to me also.
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    i will see what i can do.
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    My minecraft seems to crash everytime the plugin saves the world.
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    that's strange, server.log please.
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    Your permissions list was a bit hard to follow, it being one color and well squished together. Figured I'd do everybody a favor. Preferably, you should use mine in your main post.

    /backup Performs a worlds backup.
    Permission: autobackup.backup
    /backup interval {seconds} Interval between backups.
    Permission: autobackup.interval
    /backup enabled {on|off} Enables and disabled autobackup.
    Permission: autobackup.enabled
    /backup maxnumberofbackups {number} Sets maximum nuber of backups(after limit it will delete oldest one)
    Permission: autobackup.maxnumberofbackups
    /backup broadcast {on/off} Sets or gets the broadcast setting for backup
    Permission: autobackup.broadcast
    /backup donotbackuptointfolder {on/off} Disable or enable backup to internal folder if backup to external folder is active(on - disable, off - enable)
    Permission: autobackup.donotbackuptointfolder
    /backup backuptoextfolders {on/off} Enables and disables backup to other folders
    Permission: autobackup.backuptoextfolders
    /backup addextfolder {absolute path} Adds another folder path
    Permission: autobackup.addextfolder
    /backup backuppluginsfolder {on/off} Enables or disables backup plugins folder
    Permission: autobackup.backuppluginsfolder
    /backup helpShows help
    Permission: autobackup.help
    /save Saves the world outside of the interval.
    Permission: autosave.save
    /save help Displays help dialogue
    Permission: autosave.help
    /save toggle Toggles the automatic saves (turns off or on depending on current setting)
    Permission: autosave.toogle
    /save status Prints status message about the current state of automatic saves
    Permission: autosave.status
    /save interval {seconds} Sets or gets the interval setting in seconds
    Permission: autosave.interval
    /save addworld [value] Adds world to the World Save List
    Permission: autosave.addworld
    /save remworld [value] Removes world from the World Save List
    Permission: autosave.remworld
    /save world Displays the World Save List
    Permission: autosave.world
    /save broadcast {on|off} Sets or gets the broadcast setting for save
    Permission: autosave.broadcast
    /save debug {on|off} Sets or gets the debug setting
    Permission: autosave.debug
    /save warn {seconds[,seconds]...} Sets or gets the warning time setting in seconds (warns users of an upcoming save n seconds before it happens)
    Permission: autosave.warn
    /save version Prints AutoSave version
    Permission: autosave.version
    /save reloadmsg Loads messages from file configmsg.yml
    Permission: autosave.reloadmsg
    /save loadconfig Loads config from config.yml
    Permission: autosave.loadconfig
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    Thanks i will use this :)

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