[ADMN] Autosaveworld v4.9 [1.6.2-R0.1]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Shevchik, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Works a treat always loved this plugin :) thanks for bringing it back

    simple and effective
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    How do you change messages? =)
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    Bug: You cant use commands unless you are /op (I know)
    Im using permissionsPEX and is in the Admin group which got a '*' as permission.

    'You do not have permission'
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    I found a minor bug, every time i reload, stop, or start the server it says "[SEVERE] config plugins\autosaveworld\config.yml" Everything else about it works just fine, it works when the interval is set to and gives a warning 5 seconds before like i told it to.
  6. 0_0 I thought i deleted this output, I will fix it when I will finish with permissions.
  7. Uh, can you make this do what a lot of other outdated save plugins do.
    Make it so it saves all the files in /plugins except .jar files.
    Meaning saves are faster, and get everything needed without the lag.
    This way i wont need to make a new plugin ;/
  8. You mean to add a backup function or something else?
  9. Ok i will do it.(It will backup folder /plugins to the folder /backup/plugins)
    Is that what you need?
  10. No.
    Im not looking for a backup plugin.
    Im looking for a plugin to save all config files in the plugins folder which out saving the plugin.jar's itself
  11. Sorry, I dont understand what you need at all. :(
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    Love the mod Shevchik but I am still getting the "AutoSaving" and "Autosave Complete" broadcasts.. I did /save broadcast and it says it off so not sure.. Maybe I misunderstand what the broadcast is talking about.. Figured it would stop broadcasting the save messages.. Any help would be great.. =]
  13. Mind posting a Config explanation?
  14. This generated two config files.
    One called AutoSaveWorld and one called autosaveworld
    Both have a config file in it, Why did it do this?
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    I loved that plugin! Saves your world when your server crashes frequently!
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    Even though 'Mrchesez' wasn't tying to tell you to add a backup control or anything, I would apreciate it alot, since I run a server with 1.5 GB and about 35 plugins, you could tell that if it laggs enough it can do a lot of 'corruption' to my world (especially with those people who use Nodus or something so the lagg packets go through my server). I would be guessing you could put something in the config that enables or disables an auto backup, also you can make it so the backup makes a backup at a different interval perhaps? One last thing is you could have it delete the oldest backup after say about 20-25 backups or let them choose it in the config.
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    Bugg: After changing the message for a broadcast While the server is running, then when reloading the server it changes the config file back to the same as it was before.
  18. I just have the issue with it creating two config files.
    Any update?

    You need a changelog.
  19. I just do not know why it happens.
    What OS are you using?
  20. Linux... like any good server
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    Windows 7 works just fine for a server, even though linux is free
  22. If somebody has Linux server please check if there is still an error with the creation of two folders with configfile in it.(Now it should be only 1 folder(AutoSaveWorld))
  23. This now saves 3 times the save comes and crashes my server, Removing.
  24. What plugins do you have on your server?
    Maybe it is beacause of save the player data.
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    Wait so this plugin can backup worlds too?
  27. Yes. Just don't forget to enable it, because it's disabled by deafult(world are backuping in folder /plugins/AutoSaveWorld/backups/)
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    Helps rollback :D

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