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    AutoSave is now on Bukkit Dev! Plenty of information and it is overall much better documented there than it has been here. Wiki pages really help organize all the information that is needed.

    Discuss AutoSave on Bukkit Dev and get information, files, and more from there!

    AutoSave - Automatic World Saves:
    Version: 2.0.1

    AutoSave is meant to provide a simple method to automatically save your world at a defined interval! This plugin ONLY saves to the proper world directories within the Minecraft server. It is not a backup plugin, it is meant to increase persistence and reduce the affects of a server crash.

    • Performs a world saves (same as save-all on console)
    • Repeats the above at user defined interval!
    • Warning messages
    • Multi-World Support
    • Configurable messages
    • Option to disable broadcast message
    Download The Plugin
    Source Code

    Version 2.0.1
    • Small library changes
    Version 2.0.0
    • Color Messages support!
    • Support for Multiple Permissions Plugins (natively)
    • No more version nagging
    • ASync Tasks instead of Sync Tasks (possible performance increase)
    Version 1.3.0
    • Perform save after last player leaves (quits/kicked).
    Full Changelog

    Future Release To-do List:
    • Calculate and create variable for time elapsed during save
    • Make bacon
    • Get more feature suggestions

    You can configure the plugin via an XML file located at "plugins/AutoSave/".
    • message.broadcastpre: Message broadcast to all players prior to save
    • message.broadcastprost: Message broadcast to all players after save completed
    • message.insufficentpermissions: Customizable generic insufficient permissions message
    • message.saveplayers: Customizable players save message
    • message.saveworlds: Customizable worlds save message
    • message.warning: Customizable warning message
    • Customizable value of "off"
    • value.on: Customizable value of "on"
    • var.broadcast: True or False value specifying if broadcasts should be used
    • var.debug: True or False value specifying for additional console output
    • var.interval: Number of seconds between saves
    • var.permissions: Bypass permissions entirely
    • Toggles reporting thread
    • var.uuid: Anonymous identification
    • var.warntime: n time before the save happens when a warning is broadcast to players, multiple values can be passed by separating by commas
    • var.worlds: Comma seperated list of loaded worlds to be saved. * indicates ALL worlds will be saved.
    If you want to user colors, its simple. Just use one of the following in the appropriate location (config file):
    • Aqua: %AQUA%
    • Black: %BLACK%
    • Dark Aqua: %DARK_AQUA%
    • Dark Blue: %DARK_BLUE%
    • Dark Gray: %DARK_GRAY%
    • Dark Green: %DARK_GREEN%
    • Dark Purple: %DARK_PURPLE%
    • Dark Red: %DARK_RED%
    • Gold: %GOLD%
    • Gray: %GRAY%
    • Green: %GREEN%
    • Light Purple: %LIGHT_PURPLE%
    • Red: %RED%
    • White: %WHITE%
    • Yellow: %YELLOW%
    Copyright 2011 MilkBowl (

    This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 444 Castro Street, Suite 900, Mountain View, California, 94041, USA.


    Note: ALL of the below commands can start with autosave instead of save if another plugin is using the save command such as WorldEdit. This will always allow access to the in game configuration of the plugin.

    Saves the world outside of the interval.​
    Requires Permission:​
    /save help
    Displays help dialogue​
    /save toggle
    Toggles the automatic saves (turns off or on depending on current setting)​
    Requires Permission: autosave.toggle​
    /save status
    Prints status message about the current state of automatic saves​
    Requires Permission: autosave.status​
    /save interval {seconds}
    Sets or gets the interval setting in seconds​
    Requires Permission: autosave.interval​
    /save addworld [value]
    Adds world to the World Save List​
    Requires Permission:​
    /save remworld [value]
    Removes world from the World Save List​
    Requires Permission:​
    /save world
    Displays the World Save List​
    Requires Permission:​
    /save broadcast {on|off}
    Sets or gets the broadcast setting​
    Requires Permission: autosave.broadcast​
    /save debug {on|off}
    Sets or gets the debug setting​
    Requires Permission: autosave.debug​
    /save warn {seconds[,seconds]...}
    Sets or gets the warning time setting in seconds (warns users of an upcoming save n seconds before it happens)​
    Requires Permission: autosave.warn​
    /save version
    Prints AutoSave version​
    Requires Permission: autosave.version​


    AutoSave reports minimal anonymous data to provide general usage tracking. No personal or server information is ever transmitted. The following data is provided:
    • Plugin Name (this will always be AutoSave)
    • Plugin Version
    • Bukkit Version (the full Bukkit version string)
    • Operating System
      • Name
      • Version
      • Architecture
    • Java Version
    This data helps me understand the environments in which AutoSave is used within, however you are more than welcome to disable it, either via "" in the configuration file, or "save report [off|on]" from console.

    Known Issues:
    • During upgrade messages no longer are colored
      • Solution: Delete config file or add colors manually

    Permissions can be disabled by manually editing the config file and setting "permissions" to false. That will completely disable Permissions. Running AutoSave without Permissions with the value to true (default) will cause the plugin to unload itself.

    Here are the permission settings, either do 'autosave.*' or use the granular permissions below: Allows the ability to save at any time​
    autosave.toggle: Allows the ability to stop and start AutoSave​
    autosave.status: Allows the ability to see status of AutoSave​
    autosave.interval: Allows the ability to see and change interval setting​
    autosave.broadcast: Allows the ability to see and change broadcast setting​
    autosave.version: Allows the ability to see the version of AutoSave​
    autosave.debug: Allows the ability to change the debug setting​
    autosave.warn: Allows the ability to see and change the warning time setting​ Allows the ability to view the world save list​ Allows the ability to add to the world save list​ Allows the ability to remove from the world save list​
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    I'm not sure what might've caused this, but using your plugin, one of my two servers crash right before a save, e.g. everyone stops receiving data and the console outputs "Read timed out" and such.

    No errors were shown in the console, nothing to lead up to any reason to believe that there's any error, but it's right before a save and after I removed the plugin, no crashing. Might wanna look into that.

    Plugins: AssignPermissions, Minequery, WorldGuard, MyHome, LWC, DonationPackage (custom for my server), HeroicDeath, AutoReload (custom for my server), VanishNoPickup, mcbans, iConomy, MyWarp, BigBrother, NSCommand, LocalShops, Permissions, iChat, NoCheat, HailXenu-Survival (custom for my server), WorldEdit
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    I noticed this did not work with Performance Tweaks - whenever an autosave every hour kicked off - we would see that the save would begin - then finish (After kicking several players) and then it would immediately start up again.
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    gnftoxic and Kainzo, you should try using this version of AutoSave and let me know how that works for you?
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    I am currently using AutoSave on a 766 build and no errors at all!
    All I get is the warning message saying that this build is unspported.
    But it works 100%! Great job mate!
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    Work on build 766 ! :)
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    I urgently need help. With my server, I disable autosave with the command '/save-off' which reduces lag greatly, however, I need it to do this everytime the server restarts! Anyone have any idea how to do this? This save plugin works wonders, its the first one that actually saves whilst 'save-off' is toggled.
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    @cereal it doesnt really work like /save-all cus the memory usage doesnt get reduced when the plugin saves and with save-all it does get de-increased
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    So, it's cool, but can you add 'save-off' at startup, before 'save-all' every time in server life?
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    Hmmm, maybe the garbage collector should get called. I'll experiment with this. Thanks for pointing it out. Also, while it uses similar functions to the 'save-all' command, it is not the save-all command so that is quite possibly why the difference exists.

    I don't think it is re-enabling "save-on" since it doesn't touch that at all. Is there even a way to verify this, as far as I know the command doesn't give any feedback about the current state.

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    Just wanted to say thanks for your ongoing work for the plugin. It's handy and nice to know this little mod is up to date. Much appreciated!
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    Yep, same here. Just wanted to give you a good thumbs-up! Not everybody says thanks here. I figured it would be good to show some appreciation. It's a wonderful plug-in, thanks again!
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    This occurs when I click your download link in the main thread.
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    Thank you for this awesome, simple and useful plugin.

    Greets from Germany!
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    Downloads fine for me, with wget you just need to disable the certificate verification. Not sure what your using to download tho.
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    It worked fine today, I installed it in seconds, and it's working. Thanks! I'm on 803 and it still works fine.
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    Posting in my plugin threads with a 1.6.6 Minecraft RB CB Build #818 report.
    Autosave working perfectly fine with this build. Thank you for the continued support of this plugin!
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    Works fine in CB#818, but I do however get an error upon start up saying that it may not work, but it does work when player exits etc.
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    Its just a warning, definitely not an error ;)
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    You are correct. Sorry about that.
    You should update the OP to tell everyone that it does work with the latest builds.
    Because I was waiting for some time thinking that it was outdated and you weren't supporting it any more.
    I had seen the comment before mine, and I gave it a try and it worked.
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    Every time I change the config file, it reverts back to the default upon server reboot.
    Do you know what's up with that? I tried changing the save interval from 300 to 900 & the warning from 0 to 60.
    But like I mentioned, it reverts back to default settings.
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    Hi there,
    Have you tried using the commands in game ?

    "/save interval seconds
    Sets or gets the interval setting in seconds​
    Requires Permission: autosave.interval"​

    "/save warn seconds
    Sets or gets the warning time setting in seconds (warns users of an upcoming save n seconds before it happens)​
    Requires Permission: autosave.warn"​
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    Thanks for that mate. Cheers.
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    No Problem,
    Glad I could be of assistance.
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    George Nico

    Fuck SimpleSave.
    It fucks my server over every time it saves.

    Autosave works beautifually.
    Thank you <3
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    Any update Kanizo?
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    Sometihng weird seems to be happening on my server with autosave, when I start up my server it is at 1800 seconds (30 mins) as the interval. However over time it starts to save more like every 5 minutes or even every 30 seconds until it crashes the server. Any idea of whats going on? It is up to date...

    Here is the config file
    Show Spoiler

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
    <!DOCTYPE properties SYSTEM "">
    <entry key="var.interval">1800</entry>
    <entry key="message.insufficentpermissions">You do not have access to that command.</entry>
    <entry key="">true</entry>
    <entry key="message.saveworlds">{%NUMSAVED%} Worlds Saved</entry>
    <entry key="var.uuid">48adf115-bf2a-442a-9524-9590f2d1bba4</entry>
    <entry key="">off</entry>
    <entry key="message.saveplayers">Players Saved</entry>
    <entry key="var.broadcast">true</entry>
    <entry key="message.broadcastpre">World Auto-Saving</entry>
    <entry key="var.worlds">*</entry>
    <entry key="var.debug">false</entry>
    <entry key="value.on">on</entry>
    <entry key="message.warning">Warning, AutoSave will commence soon.</entry>
    <entry key="var.warntime">0</entry>
    <entry key="var.permissions">true</entry>
    <entry key="message.broadcastpost">World Auto-Save Complete</entry>
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    Why is this Plug In in the "Inactive/Unsupported" section?
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    Im confused. Is this plugin working or Inactive? Im in desperate need of a save plugin for my server.
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    @SamAdam17 @anonn
    I would like to take over this plugin now. I am working on it right now, and will probably be releasing this later today.

    I just need cereal to login to bukkit and reply to my convo to give me permission to carry on his plugin.

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