[ADMN] AutoFill 0.4 - Auto Filling Chests [1000]

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    AutoFill - Chests that fill themselves:
    Version: v0.4 [CB #1000]

    This is my first plugin (Also the first time I used Java), it worked good when I tested it, but I think there still could be some bugs, if you find any, please please please tell me.

    AutoFill easily let's you refill chest's automatically, just set the interval in your config.yml inside the AutoFill folder, and you're all set. This Plugin is very lightweight, it only refills chests, nothing more nothing less.

    Chat Commands:
    /af set <block (name/id)> <amount> - Autofill a chest.
        e.g. /af set diamond 5
    /af unset - Stop autofilling targeted chest.
    /af info - Shows informations about the targeted chest.
    Default config.yml
    # Interval between Chest Filling (In seconds)
    interval: 60
    Permission Nodes
    autofill.set - /af set
    autofill.unset - /af unset
    autofill.info - /af info
    Oh, by the way, if you have any problems with the /af command, you can remove the alias from the plugin.yml, and it'll be /autofill.

    Known Bugs:
    • Chests in unloaded chunks are kind of self aware, sometimes It works, sometimes it does. (Please tell me if it worked for you.)
    • Don't touch the storage.yml unless you know what you're doing, you could easily ruin your saved settings.
    • Configuration and storage file in .yml format.
    • Auto removes bad entries (e.g. destroyed chests) from the schedule and the storage file.
    Download 0.4
    Source Code

    Version 0.4
    • Initial Release (Yes, I start at 0.4)
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    Ferus Grim

    This plugin looks really useful. :) Good work, Andrey.
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    the category is ADMN and the title is missing plugin version
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    There you go.
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    All this plugin does is create a folder named AutoFill and two files named autofill\config.yml and autofill\strorage.yml in the plugins directory.
    Renaming and moving the two files into the AutoFill directory didn't fix it.
    Typing /af does return with help but that is all the plugin seems to be doing.
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    Oh god, like I said, it's my first plugin. I'm very sorry, I'll try to fix it ASAP.


    Could you tell me if you get any errors on startup, or what OS you're running on?
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    No errors (that I can remember) but it is running on linux (Ubuntu server 11.xx). Looks like you got the path string messed up a bit.
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    Yeah, I didn't knew Linux had problems with Backslashes. I tried using the path with a normal slash, but it had problems executing when I started it. I'll get it fixed for you ASAP. Sorry again.

    Also, do you got Permissions or what do you use the OP System?
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    I have permissions 2.something
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    First Plugin? Its great, simple, but works, and well i like it, it does the job, well done mate :)
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    I have tested this also, and i get the same error with Ubuntu server.

    If i rename the file, and reboot teh server, it just recreates them again.
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    Robert Pendell

    I'm no expert on java but could this be causing issues? (the part bolded and in red)

    "File config = new File(this.getDataFolder().getAbsolutePath() + "\\" + "config.yml");"

    As of right now the plugin is creating the files...

    They are literally named that (the \ isn't a folder separator in this case).

    P.S. - Interestingly enough it's writing to the files and working...

    Request: Please add in support for damage values so we can have specific colored wool in a chest. Thanks.
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    It's not generating any config file for me..
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    I love the concept, it's super lightweight, but it's not creating the config files correctly. It creates an "AutoFill" directory correctly, but the .yml files are named "AQO6BQ~W.YML" and "AU9HHH~V.YML". The plugin works, and is autofilling, but only until my server reloads the plugins...then it stops working.

    Awesome idea, can't wait for it to work properly!
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    It's broken, at the moment. Thanks for your Feedback! I really appreciate it, I'll update it when I find the time for it.
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    Got it, I have this thread watched. I was able to get around it by manually adding my autofill locations to the config files inside the .jar, but not all the items are autofilling properly, so it's kinda a temporary fix.
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    how can you fill the chests with wool?
    orange, blue and so on...?
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    Use data values. For instance, "98:1" and "98:2" are both stone bricks, but one is smooth and the other is (I think) cracked. Look it up on the minecraft wiki page on Wool
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    if i do it, the there stand: Uknow!
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    English, please?
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    Sorry, I was just prescribed me. I meant when I type, for example 35:1 for orange wool, is there: Not known! You know what thisproblem? And again sorry for my English in the last post xD
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    Plugin works with Minecraft 1.1, RB 1818.

    Posting because this is something I was looking for, and it meets expectations.

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