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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Fishfish0001, Jun 9, 2012.

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    I'd like to begin by saying thank you for all your hard work and bringing the MC community a little closer. For too long server administrators have been restricted by the absolute lack of communication between banning services. You and the developers utilizing your API are finally battling this back and making great progress. That being said, I have to ask you reconsider your stance on local bans. I feel as if due to your stance on local bans you're only be able to ever do half the job. You've got this great service you're providing, this powrful API, and you're so close to perfection.. But you're choosing to leave information on the table, when information is exactly what we need. I don't understand why a lookup service is determining what a serious offense is or why it is attempting to shield me from vulgar language. If you personally take issue with the legitimacy of many local bans or vulgar language found in them I can respect that. However as a service provider you shouldn't be limiting your service, your should give your users the ability to choose for themselves.

    I administrate with a team over two large servers.. One features a 16GB creative world, the other is SMP with factions. These two instances require completely different lookup/banning solutions due to the lazy nature of other server staff.. Be it a lack of training or misinformation a majority of locals are globals that nobody cared/knew enough to execute properly.

    So again I ask please reconsider, provide us the choice, and continue providing this amazing service.
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    I dont see how providing local ban information in the lookups is relavent. Many of the global ban services do not have any restrictions on what admins can issue local bans for so the ban reasons could be corrupt / not relevant to the actual reason of why the player is banned, and therefore would not have any proof to be attatched to the ban if it were to be disputed. More or less, it could just be a revenge ban.

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    vortechjsbz - Sorry, I will not be implementing the local bans. I still believe that they are unhelpful most of the time and contain vulgar language and un-helpful ban reasons.

    Todays Fixes
    • Added in alternate account checking by using McBans alternate account API. Here is a good person to check this out on after Mojang's little slip up.
    • Fixed some typos on the homepage.

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    Any information is good information.. While it may not be relevant to your specific application I'm sure there are others who could benefit from having more information at their finger tips. You automatically assume the worst, the truth is most server staff is lazy and ban local covering themselves but leaving the community out to dry. By simply including the OPTION to see locals, you improve this service ten fold. What I find most ironic is that this is supposed to be an informational service.. who has decided not to fully infrom.. who has decided to leave information on the table.. who has decided not to give US the choice due to personal opinion. With all due respect, that's ridiculous.

    See above, those just aren't good enough reasons. What you perceive as unhelpful and vulgar language.. really? I don't need anyone to protect me, thanks. Give the operators the choice, please do not force our hand due to your personal beliefs. Set locals off by default as to not offend anyone.
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    Like I said earlier, I do not see any benefit from including local bans in the service, especially considering that only one service currently has local bans that I can easily get access to via an API. You becoming hostile and rude just makes me even less interested in including local bans. I will just repeat what I have been saying this entire time: I will not be including local bans at this time due to their non-conformity to globally recognized global ban rules, and also their use of language that only spreads hate. Local bans are also a hive of drama where server owners ban others for invalid reasons simply because they dislike other people.

    So, I give you three options: get over it and use the service as it currently is, make your own system that does exactly what you want, or don't use any system and continue running your servers as it is. Please stop trying to force me to do something that will affect every other server, and a majority of systems relying on a sound and stable API just so you can see local bans.

    If you are so dead set on including them, then get your data from Fishbans and then get the local bans from the MCBans API yourself.
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    :confused: Only one service.. The largest with in turn, the most information. I really don't know what you're going on about hostile and rude.. I was neither of those things towards you and I apologize if you somehow felt that way, however I'm sure I don't speak for anyone but isn't that a rather childish thing to say?

    You're missing the big picture.. YOU are doing something that is effecting every other server by NOT giving your users a choice. "I can easily get access to".
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    "I'm not saying [ad hominem] but, [ad hominem]"

    If you continue to veil insults in "Not to be insulting but, [insult]" then I can just revoke your posting rights. Not to be threatening, but I will ban you if you keep up the attacks.
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    Will this ever have a banning service built into it? (Making global bans from Fishbans)

    And if it does... will making local bans be part of the system? (not looking them up, just making local bans)
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    PM incoming m. Just not seeing it.

    Fishbans is a ban aggregating service (globals only atm).. The OP mentions a plugin but it reads as informational only and similar in function to BanAnnouncer. There is also an API which has been utilized in FishChecker and again BanAnnouncer. If you're looking for a banning solution I'd recommend you take a look at MCBouncer. We've logged over roughly 675 bans through MCBans in a few months on our creative server alone.. MCBans is simply unreliable at this point and full questionable material.
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    Todays Updates
    • Fixed minor bug in API engine that was returning JSON instead of an integer.
    • Changed how the API handles connection issues. Instead of just returning 0 bans for the service not responding the API will now check the current database cache and if data is there it will use that data. This should fix random days where a user suddenly has no bans when they should have bans.
    • Improved logging of API connection issues to help determine where issues are occuring.
    In other news, Fishstats is slowly coming along. The entire authentication system has been completed, and once rolled out it will be open to a maximum of 20 servers during the beta period.
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    Quick preview of the Overview page of Fishstats:


    The graphs don't have a key, but when you hover over each bar it provides more details. The bottom graph has two different colors. The light green is players with bans, the seafoam green is players without bans. They stack to total how many players connected that day.

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    Todays Updates:
    • Fixed another massive bug in the API system that was preventing bans from being updated once the cache expired. This issue was not present on the website itself, so it was hard to even notice. Thanks to Superkabii the issue has been resolved on the API and bans should start updating correctly now. The graph also makes much more sense.
    • Moved ahead on Fishstats. Database backend has been set up, authentication system is done. Moving on with designing the pages and coding.
    • EDIT: Fixed bug that occurred due to API change. API was returning non-integer numbers (returning them as strings) which was causing some issues with plugins. This issue has been resolved, sorry about the minor downtime associated with the fix.
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    Todays Updates:
    • Fixed a rare bug in the API which would return null for certain ban services due a a backslash that would slip into the ban reasons. Added better filtering to prevent such issues.
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    Todays Updates:
    • Managed to install the Minotar source code on the server for generating avatars. No longer need to connect to an external server to get images. Minotar was becoming slower and slower, and was having many issues with displaying avatars for some reason. We have corrected this issue by hosting the service on our own server.
    • Fixed a time related bug that occurred when we rebooted the server yesterday. For about an hour the timezone was 5 hours behind what it normally is. THis caused some caching issues and broke most of the graph for awhile. This issue has been resolved completely.
    • Fixed server so we had the correct number of CPU cores to operate on.
    • BUG: If the Minecraft Auth servers go down our service breaks, we are working to fix this. The bug is easily fixed, but we need to modify a few files first. This should be fixed by the end of the day.
    For those of you looking for a service a little more reliable than Minotar (which is great, aside from the bugs), you may use Fishbans Avatar service. Examples below:

    User Avatar (Default Size (#1) and Custom Size (#2))
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    I LOVE the website design. It's so beautiful.
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    Todays Fixes:
    • Fixed an ongoing server issue relating to the use of an Apache Webserver. I ended up having to take the server offline for approximately 90 minutes tonight to fully fix the issue. We are now running on nginx, which has lessened our load. We are looking into fixing our MySQL engine as well to reduce load. I would like to apologize for the unexpected downtime tonight, but all services have been restored and are working as they should.
    • Fixed the method for checking if a user is premium or not to avoid issues when the MC Auth servers are down, or slow.
    • Minor code improvements in some files.

    After a rough 16 hours or so, we have finally resolved the issue that was causing the entire system to go offline or become so slow that it was unusable. The cause? minecraft.net.

    We used their website to verify if a user was premium or not (since nothing logs bans for those players), but it appears we need to turn that offline for a bit. Apologies, service should be faster now.

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    I gotcha a nice clean plugin to check your site with.


    (Give me your curse username and I'll throw you on the page.)
    Excellent Service btw.
    I've never once had a problem with lookups.
  20. This is incredible. Nice work.
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    Todays Updates:
    • Changed code that the cache updater uses to verify that a site is online. Should work better now and skip over services that are not responding.
    • Changed some homepage text and links. (@Deathmarine)
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    This Weeks Updates:
    • Pushed a change to only show the last 100 new bans or cache updates to prevent automated scripts from collecting usernames.
    • Preparing to move server behind CloudFlair to provide constant uptime and take some load off of our server.
    I am also happy to say that in just two short months Fishbans has gathered information for well over 120,000 users. We have also performed over 230,000 cache updates since we began logging them, which is spectacular. I would like to thank all of the people who have helped by suggesting features and reporting bugs, especially Superkabii who was able to find many large bugs that were not easily noticed through standard API usage. Hopefully we can continue to expand and provide such a fantastic service for thousands more users and servers. :)

    Tried moving onto Cloudflare today, ended up breaking the API for a good two or so hours. My apologies!

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    From reading the previous posts, I read that you do not want to include local bans because they are unorganized and unreliable. Thats fine with me, but my concern is still along those lines, somewhat. Do you intend to have an area or database where server admins who do not use global ban plugins, like myself, to contribute information to the site in some way. Information of this manner would most likely be less reliable than the information you provide already but not exactly untrue. If it is possible to implement this and have ways to prevent wikipedia-like editing on players accounts, it could be beneficial. Also, Thank you for providing this service, it has already proven its worth in my opinion.
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    Hi Buddhalobes: Unfortunately our terms with some other sites that we are getting information from doesn't allow that. However, I would highly suggest looking at McBouncer. You can set up what, if any, servers you would like to follow bans from. It can be used as a global ban solution, or simply as a way to store your bans online.

    If you hop in our IRC (#fishbans), and talk to Deaygo, he could probably answer more questions about MCBouncer.
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    This is a fantastic tool - I'm using it to do checks on players who are looking to become staff on my server. Very useful..

    Only thing is, would it be possible for it to display MCBouncer notes as well as bans? We currently use MCBouncer, but it means we'd have to check Fishbans then MCBouncer for notes.

    Also, how are alts detected? I know of a few users on my server with alts, but they don't show up on Fishbans (they have no bans however).
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    I get "Could not connect: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)" when attempting to access the site. Has something gone wrong?
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    Issue fixed. Appears MySQL died on me.
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    Fixed some issues with the site that were causing it to load slowly. Our VPS can only handle so much traffic, and it seems that limit was finally reached the other day. We have reduced the load across pages on the site, and lightened up the homepage.

    Hopefully we can expand onto a larger VPS in the future, but for now it should be fine.
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    Hey All.

    Just letting you know that I have moved Fishbans to a new server and it is running much better now. If you don't see a red message at the top then it means you are using the new site. Apologies about the large amount of poor performance from the website.

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    Very sexy website you have there.
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