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    [ADMIN/WEB/DEV] Codeinator Version 0.4
    This plugin was created upon request.​

    I am no longer working on this plugin, partly due to lack of demand, the rest down to the amount of free time I have. If you want it, PM me.

    Codeinator displays a unique code to the player, and puts the username and code into a MySQL Database. This can be useful for online user regisitration to a forum, or online whitelisting.​

    Update: I am on holiday until the 28th Oct.​

    • Fully configurable MySQL Details.
    • Random Alphanumeric Code Generator
    • Sends the Username and Code to a MySQL Database.
    • Custom Registration Message.
    • Player can register only once per server reboot.

    • "/register" - Registers the player into the MySQL Database and gives them thier code.

    v0.4.2 - (DropBox)

    v0.4.1 - (DropBox)
    v0.3.1 - (DropBox)

    Change Log:

    MySQL Tables:
    • Player's In-Game Name is saved in the column 'user'.
    • Player's Random Code is saved in the column 'v'.

    Plugin is released under the GNU General Public License v3.​

    Report Bugs to:
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    Daniel Heppner

    Don't use attachments to host it. Non-registered users can't download it. Would you like some hosting space?
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    No, it's fine. That is only a backup in case the main got taken down. Anyway, if you look in the post there is a download link that goes to MediaFire.

    I know what I'm doing ;)
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    Cosmic Break

    use dropbox to host, much easier
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    MediaFire will do.
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    Dropbox is much better because you can "wget" from it. Most servers are hosted remotely and accessed with ssh. Also, nice plugin :)
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    Ok, few mins I'll upload v1.0.1. Fixes the issue when only one player can register, once. And yes, I'll use dropbox then :p
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    Download is broken.
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    How to we add this to a Forum? so they get the code when they put there MC username In the forum? Cause my forum has a custom area that they put there Minecraft Username in and it checks Minecraft.net to verify its an actual account but it dosn't check if its actually the person.
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    I'll give further info when I get the time.

    + Updated to CB 1185. New Download Available.
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    Ok, CB 1240 is out. Plugin has now been built for the version.
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    how would you set this up to work with a joomla server?
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    This plugin is for users looking to write their own forums software, or have already done so. I might try and add support for forums such as phpBB and possibily CMS'es like Joomla. Atm, I am rather busy.
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    Would it be possible to provide the source code, if you don't mind.
    I wish to make some changes to the plugin for my server.

    Thanks :)
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    I'm actually surprised that the moderators havent said anything about the source not available considering thats one of the required things to be posted with the plugin =X.
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