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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Smex, Sep 16, 2011.

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    |SimpleAutoBackup| Lightweight Backups|

    As I really do not like GUI tools, which are so overloaded,
    I made myself a basic backup tool for my worlds,
    which only does that what I really need and not more.

    The backups are named with the world name, date and time,
    when they were made, so it's easier to find the right one.
    Example: world-17.09.2011-212607

    |I Features:
    • Simple, no special knowledge needed
    • Creates backups with a customizable Interval (in seconds)
    • Works for every world format
    • Creates a costum backupfolder
    • You can simply launch it twice, for copying more worlds at once
    |I Installtion:

    • Just place it in your root directory of your server and launch it.
    |I Why should I use this?

    • Because it's simple and just does that what it has to do: Create Backups.
    |I Download:

    |I Changelog:

    • v1.1 - added more information to the backups
    • v1.0 - release
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    sweet! thanks =)
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    My Internet security (Norton 360) keeps deleting it :(
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