[Admin] Simple Craftbukkit Updater v1.3.8.0 | Build Number List + Download any Build + much more.

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    Commercial (lol):
    Tired of going to ci.bukkit.org to find the latest build? WELL NOT ANYMORE! Now with Simple Craftbukkit Updater you can do all of that from a few simple clicks! Only $00.00! With just 3 payments for shipping and handling. Call 1 (800) 555-5555 now! This is only a special forum offer! But wait, there's more! We will include the source code as a special bonus offer with 24/7 support from our department of under 1 IT professionals!

    • Download three types of Craftbukkit builds.
    • Remember save location.
    • Erase save location.
    • Check for update on recommended build by right-clicking on "Download Latest Recommended Build" button.
    • View the progress of the download of Craftbukkit.
    • View all Craftbukkit build numbers.
    • Update build numbers.
    • Download any build number in Other tab.
    • Manually add download location in Settings tab.
    • Open your save folder from the program.
    • Right click anywhere to show menu for "Credits" and "About".
    Snapshots (open)


    Update Feature:

    Build Number List:

    Download Other Builds:


    Credits and About:

    Add an update feature for latest stable build and latest build.
    Multiple platform support (java maybe?).
    Add a progress bar. Done! Thanks so much @JoshuaB !
    Have the program pull up the latest version number. How do I do that? Done! Thanks a bunch @MCManager !

    Supported Operating Systems:
    • Windows 7
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows XP
    Version Changelog:
    8/21/2011 v1.3.8.0 Major UI changes, more organization, tabbed layout, check build number for all downloads, manually add save location, open your save location with one click, download other build numbers, and update build number list.
    8/5/2011 v1.2.6.0 Added latest Craftbukkit build number display and credits.
    7/31/2011 v1.1.4.0 Changed the UI layout and added a progress bar thanks to @JoshuaB !
    7/29/2011 v1.0.3.0 Added ability to check for actual updates, changed the UI a bit, and added a network connectivity feature.
    6/9/2011 v1.0.2.2 Fixed verification of downloads in the code.
    6/9/2011 v1.0.1.1 Fixed some download issues in the code.
    6/8/2011 v1.0.0.0 Release time.

    Source on dev.bukkit.org
    Virus Scan Report - 8/21/2011
    Download Whole Project Source
    Download Installer (Includes automatic program updating and requirements.)
    Download Single Executable

    How do I implement a progress bar while craftbukkit is being downloaded in the background worker with
    ? Is there a way to tell how much of the file has been downloaded? Please help! :)

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    check the file size and than how much procent that is off the complete file.
    and then take that as a value
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    Hey thanks for the help! The real question is, how do I check the size of the file on the server so I can set the value?
    Also, how do I check the size of a file on the local disk?
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    May I ask how I can get this program to get the latest CB version number from ci.bukkit.org? Please help! :)
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    make it in java
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    I can't learn java right now, I don't have the time to do it. So there is absolutely no way to do this in VB anyone? Or does everyone dislike the language?
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    Updated! There is an actual update feature in it that I couldn't get to work before now.
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    Updated again! I am having so much fun with this.
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    i can write some code to get the latest build
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    I would appreciate it! Can you write that in VB?
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    Note: a converter did c# to vb.net for me
    Dim url As String = "http://ci.bukkit.org/job/dev-CraftBukkit/promotion/latest/Recommended/"
    Dim version As String = Nothing
    Dim m As MatchCollection = Regex.Matches(getPageSource(url), "#(\d)+")
    If m IsNot Nothing Then
        For Each match As Match In m
            version = match.Value
            Exit For
        Console.WriteLine("Latest recommended version: " & version)
        Console.WriteLine("no match")
    End If
    and the method to get page source:
    Private Function getPageSource(URL As String) As String
        Dim webClient As New System.Net.WebClient()
        Dim strSource As String = webClient.DownloadString(URL)
        Return strSource
    End Function
    @uvbeenzaned : notification :p

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    Wind0ws-only. So no, completely useless for any serious server operator.
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    Not unless he programs a way to download it to the server (ftp or sumthing)
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    Ah yes. Thanks so much. I will try to implement this and I will let you know if it works correctly. :)

    Well, I run my main server on Linux but have no idea how to get started with Mono or anything. Maybe try Wine if it supports .NET Framework 4. Sorry :(.

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    i will try to do it in mono if you want
    edit: will be in java
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    Sure. I would love multiple platforms. The source is open to everyone and I keep the source updated all the time.
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    does my vb.net code to get latest recommended work?
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    Yes but I would like to try to get it to out put it into a message box and don't know exactly where to start from because I don't make console programs.

    Please just don't fork my tool into another project because I would like to work together with people and keep my project going. So maybe we could just post another link for multiple platforms here.

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    @uvbeenzaned i will not fork anything :p, i'll write new code based of yours, send you the source on pastebin
    and give you the compiled stuff
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    Ok thanks a bunch. I implemented your version code and it works fine.
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    @MCManager Did you know that there was an easier way to get the version number? I was talking to Joshuab and we were over at this post and he showed me another way to do it after he saw my thread and your post.
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    no mac osx support? :( useless for me... :(
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    I need help. This is a one man job. Plus, I have NO idea where to start to program for OSX. Do you know of anyone you can tell to help me with an OSX port of it? I know that @MCManager was going to help with a Java port of it and you could run it on your system after we get that worked out. Thanks for replying in the thread anyway it's been kinda dead around here.
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    Does anyone have any ideas for the program? What would make more people use it except multiple platform support for now?
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    I find it good your making a useful program but this is the first thread i have seen where the creator asks for coding help :p and the weirder thing is its on bukkit forums which is based around java.
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    First of all, thanks for you reply. I decided to put my tool up while I am still learning so that the Bukkit community could help me out because I know that there a are a lot of really smart people here. Aren't there other people programming in C#, VB, and C++? Thanks for your suggestions and I hope to learn Java one day. :)
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