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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by The_Nagash, Jan 18, 2012.

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    RToolkitUi, a GUI Client for RemoteToolKit

    This is a RemoteControlClient for your Server
    Its still Beta and works only with the RemoteToolKit-Plugin via Telnet for now.
    Further Releases will contain some more features, like support for the build in Minecraft RCon.

    .NET 4.0
    RemoteToolKit-Plugin on Server

    • Provides a GUI for RemoteToolKit
    • Customizable Buttons for Commands
    • Placeholders for CommandParameters
    Download (open)

    Installation (open)

    Just extract the content of the archive and start "unex_RToolKitUI.exe"

    Screenshots (open)

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    This is really cool Nagash but could you explain how i need to install it.
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    Marc Hoover

    There is no installer, simply extract the content of the archive and start "unex_RToolKitUI.exe". You have to fill out the form with your RToolKit login.
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    Marc Hoover

    Oh, don't miss it: The standard port of the RToolKit is "25561" :)
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    Excellent, I love it. Is there any way to catch the name of the user logging in? I only have trusted people with access, but I'm afraid they might slip into temptation with easier access to the console.
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    Awesome, just awesome!
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    First, Thanks for your appreciation.

    Unfortunately, no. We are limited to the functions that RemoteToolKit provides.
    So you may ask the Dev of RemoteToolkit for such a feature.
    The only thing we could provide is a "Just in Time"-lookup who else is currently connected with the console, but no logging of those.
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