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    MultiRcon is a tool for Minecraft to remotely connect to your Minecraft server
    Current Features:
    • Connect via Rcon to your server from anywhere in the world!
    • All commands are supported!
    • View server status.
    • View server version (Craftbukkit)
    • View server IP, even if you entered a domain!
    • View players online count and max player count
    • Has his own plugins!
    • Has an API that you can make your own plugins with!

    Login (open)

    Server Overview (open)

    RCon (open)

    Settings (open)




    How do I use this? (open)

    1. Simply download the program
    2. Make sure you have Rcon turned on on your server
    3. Connect to your server via IP or Domain name and the Rcon password stated in your server.properties
    4. Change settings to personal use

    What plugins are available at the moment? (open)

    • PlayerControl: Easy control panel for player interaction (give, kick, ban, etc)
    • RemoteToolkit: Control panel for servers that have Remote Toolkit installed
    • SimpleList: Whitelist control for SimpleList (via MySQL)

    How do I install plugins? (open)

    1. Download the plugins you want
    2. Extract the zipfiles some place easy to find
    3. Move the extracted .jar files to "MultiRcon/plugins/" (this folder is created on the start-up of the program, if it doesn't exist yet. Folder is created in the same folder the program executable is in)

    How do I enable Rcon on my Minecraft server? (open)

    Open your server.properties with a texteditor (notepad or notepad++ maybe)Make sure you have the following lines in the textfile:
    Make sure to change "password" with a password of your own, and optionally change the port number tooNow start your server and you should be ready to go!


    V0.5 (27 Jan 2014)
    • RCon output will now color the text correctly and will insert new lines where needed
    • Better loading of main frame. Frame is visible when done loading instead of immediately appearing
    • Changed size of main frame to 800x350 (was 800x400)
    • Fixed some other small bugs
    Older Versions (open)

    V0.4 (26 Jan 2014)
    • Tabs now only execute RCon commands when they are visible (e.g. Server Overview only asks for online players, when you have the Server Overview tab selected)
    • Console output now automatically transforms into a scrollable panel when needed
    • Added plugin support (API coming soon)
    • RemoteToolkit tab is now a separate plugin
    • SimpleList tab is now a separate plugin
    • Settings tab is moved to the menu bar (File > Properties)
    • Plugins are now loaded from the folder "plugins" in the "MultiRcon" folder
    • The folder "MultiRcon/plugins" is created on first start-up
    • The folder "MultiRcon/data/plugins" is created on first start-up
    • Plugins that save settings will now save their data in the folder "MultiRcon/plugins/data"
    • The log in frame now has the option to remember your password
    • The log in frame now has the option to automatically log in on start-up (also toggles remember password)
    • Opening the settings window now disables the main window
    • After closing the settings window, the main window will automatically request focus
    • Got totally rid of Json files (Gson lib)
    • All files are now saved as .bin
    V0.3 (21 Jan 2014)
    • Fixed a bug where log in information and settings couldn't be saved
    • The tool will now make a folder next to the executable named "MultiRcon"
    • The tool now checks for updates when it starts. The user has the possibility to download or ignore
    • Log in username is now saved in a Json file in the folder MultiRcon
    • Settings are now saved in a Json file in the folder MultiRcon
    • RemoteToolkit password is now encrypted with base64 (double salted)
    • SimpleList MySQL password is now encrypted with base64 (double salted)
    • Fixed a bug where the RemoteToolkit class could not connect with the server due to wrong settings saving
    • Logs are now being created and written when an error occurs, or when a good thing happens
    V0.2 (21 Jan 2014)
    • Fixed bug that caused the RemoteToolbox to be unable to connect
    • Fixed a bug where the settings were not saved properly
    • Fixed a bug where the left menu didn't work at all
    • Created a new tab "RCon" where you can send any command to the server
    V0.1 (20 Jan 2014)
    • Initial release

    Ofcourse feel free to leave any feedback and/or suggestions!
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    Download link gone? And what's this "Ariana Music" login page on the mirror? Can't register for an account, anyway.
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