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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by niklon, Jan 14, 2014.

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    Hello guys, I'm creating a program which allows you to perform many useful things, which, as an owner of a server, I find really useful.

    The pre-alpha version is ready!



    Please, this is a pre-alpha!
    This project got quite big, and I can't really check and control everything that happens in my code. Please, report as much bugs as you can, and suggest as many features as you can! Some things may not work, or may not work properly. Help me make my program better, and we will all live happily ever after!

    And some information regarding the Permissions tab. It acts more of like a viewer right now

    What will you need:
    1. A bukkit(or any other standard plugin supporting software) server. It may be running either or your machine or somewhere else.
    2. A JSONAPI plugin installed. Made by alecgorge! The power of his plugin is truly amazing!
    3. .NETFramework 4.0 installed. Since the program is developed on .NET platform, this is required to run the program.
    4. Windows 7 or 8. Both numbers are supported, however I'm not going to add support for Vista and XP!
    5. You're all set! Type in the credentials and you can start doing the better administrating!

    Current version: prealpha-

    ENU: Download from Google Drive
    It will open up the GD page, click Ctrl+S to download the zip, or just get the separate files if you somehow lost any of them.
    JSONAPI: Download from Bukkit DEV

    Quick tutorial:
    * is an unnecessary step
    1. Unpack everything that is in the release zip.
    2. Start the program.
    3. Set the configuration password. You can change it later
    4. Type in the credentials for JSONAPI(for how to set them check out his pages)
    5. *Test the connection.
    6. Click the Establish JS connection.
    7. You're all set! Report if anything is wrong!(and probably will be)
    Screenshots of the program:
    Show Spoiler

    Connecting. In future I will also support FTB and MySQL(for accessing for eg. CoreProtect information).

    Checking the global bans of a player feature.

    Feature in development: checking basic information about the server health.

    Receiving one's skin.

    Accessing offline players.

    Options of altering the console.

    Popup which informs you that you've been connected to the server. The background of the icon turns green then. If it is in idle, the BG is yellow, if there was an error, it changes to red.

    Example of the console which shows the JSONAPI calls(as you may see colors are supported).

    Console in action(no JSONAPI callbacks)

    And how you may customize it to your needs.

    It will let you know about the warnings!

    Experimenting with the program updater.

    Accessing the file system.

    Editor with YAML syntax highlight and finding/replacing.

    Another example.
    In development... a permission manager!

    Checking IP information of a player.

    Please note, these screenshots may NOT represent the current state of the program. They are used to show you how they look like in general!

    The database(your settings and credentials) are encrypted with highest AES standard, and if the password is lost, you CANNOT retrieve your data! It's all for your protection!

    All the magic of this program is based on C#, 3rd party libraries and, what takes care of the server side, the JSONAPI plugin made by alecgorge! He's an amazing guy and you should check him out!
    Copyright © 2014 niklon
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    Great! I will check it.
    Good job man :D
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    Looks like BukkitGUI has some competition now ;)
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    Challenge accepted :p (I'm probably inbound with some new stuff too)

    niklon I approve, not bad :p
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    I feel inadequate

    Time to really get my own projects off the backburner now ;)
  6. looks really cool!
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    Also, forgot to include:
    This was implemented in the old version of ENU, which was called UltimateSyncR(never displayed to public, since it was our internal tool). It's not perfect in the screenshot, but unless it works perfectly you won't see it in ENU! :)
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    This looks really cool! I can't wait to use it myself.
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    The gui looks clean and easy to use, Looks awesome!
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    Looks awesome XD I guess it uses what Avatar APO? If possible, allowing us to change the Avatar API src, cause if its ever possible, loading from my server
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    TNTUP , if it's really something worth it, I can add a feature to submit one's own helmet server, though remember, it will have to have a "static" path, by that I mean a static format, like www.<yourdomain>.com/<yourpaths>/<playername>.png

    The version, as the first public version of the program, has been released!

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    nice, does it support https? I guess yes :p
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    Yes, it obviously does.

    I am sorry guys, but the program's internal coding is too bad! I didn't think of some things in the beginning, and now there would be a lot of work to fix it all up. Unfinished code, no comments, I need to, sadly, rewrite it from scratch. But the good news is, that, maybe next time it will be open source, if I will actually be proud of the code!

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