[admin - plugins] MCBU Plugin Studio [RELEASE 2!][Module api] Discontinued

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by mmuziek, Jan 5, 2012.

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    If more than one person says their Anti-Virus has picked it up as a virus (they're not always 100% correct), then it most possibly is/causes conflict with their Anti-Virus.
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    honestly if you cared enough about the project if peoples AV is picking it up as a virus you should figure out why its being flagged as a virus, and work to resolve it with AV companies(they can provide a signature update fixing false positives...) just saying you give up because of a single person reporting a video your not really dedicated to it if you ask me.
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    moose517 i tried to fix the virus report. but the problem is there is no wrong code in it.
    its made using vb.net. and the files that the scanner is complaining of is a self extracting winrar archive wich contains some documents nothing more.

    and because people did not reply anymore to my topic. and the warn i got onyoutube i made the choice of moving on. not continueing on a dead not wanted project

    i can if someone wants it provide a copy but i am not putting up another download for it. to prevent any other complains for a project i stopped working on
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    maybe just package as a plain zip file then instead of a self extracting?
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    the problem is some archives are used by the program.
    and to code in zip files and extracting together costs a lot of work for a project wich is not used anymore.
    unless many people started using it and send in new modules and such i am not continueing this project sorry.
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