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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by mmuziek, Jan 5, 2012.

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    MCBU plugin studio is a nice standalone plugin editing software
    wich is easy based on VBscript it will not only detect all supported plugin but also makes config files for them make backups and writes Full scripts readable by the supported plugins.​
    the interface is extremely easy and supported by an advanced tooltip. wich gives u support with filling a form.​
    the interface is Vistaglass styled this means that it has a very nice look even when u use XP it gives a nice look​
    The Functions!
    • Easy interface! :)
    • automatic plugin finder. :eek:
    • FTP plugin downloader/uploader for remote servers. :D
    • Supports Many plugins and comes with more every update :p
    • No registration needed for app to work. ;)
    • application updates it self. so u dont need to download and install again. :cool:
    • Save all button to save all plugins at once. [sheep]
    • New API for adding your own plugins
    • easy documentation to the API
    • and MANY MANY MORE!
    Status explaned :
    Config maker :
    the config maker
    fill make a one time Config for the plugin to run on. when u want to edit it.
    you can start over and overwrite the old one
    the manager fully manage the plugin. it will load edit and saves the settings
    on the go

    Currently supported plugins/functions

    Stats 2.0 (config maker)​
    achievements 2.0 (achievement manager/writer)​
    iconomy6 (config maker)​
    FTP Functions(upload/download/singlefile)​
    Module API (For easy making of new addons)
    Module documentation
    Bpermissions Config editor (module)​
    achievements config editor (module)​
    MCbans config editor (module)​
    ATMsigns config editor (module)​
    Votifier config editor (module)​
    essentials Main config editor (module)​
    world edit config editor (module)​
    Download screen(Box.net connected)​
    Ready for next release

    currently under construction

    No Further Plans. - if you have a suggestion you can reply here​
    extra information
    this application needs to be installed on a WINDOWS machine. witch have Framework 4​
    and supported apps.​
    the installer what i deliver can install the required apps for u.​
    i will not make a portable version. because it depends on system information witch is unstable if its outside the app folder.​
    the application will check for updates every time it starts. so u never miss any bugfixes or updates​
    Screenshots RELEASED

    VERSION 2.0 Released!​
    (your program will ask you to update!)​
    our new WIKI!

    Videos (open)
    Videos (open)

    Video Demo 1.3
    Changelog (open)
    Changelog (open)

    Version 2 Release 1:
    added box.net uplink​
    added MCbans module​
    added world edit module​
    added votifier module​
    added essentials main module​
    added ATMsigns module​
    fixed startup failing on win vista​
    fixed online uplink​
    upgraded tiny module system to support more settings​
    Version 1 Release 3:
    added Documentation​
    added Bpermissions config Module​
    added achievements config Module​
    added Module API documentation​
    added Tiny Modules system​
    added Wiki Page on the brand new MCGsoft Wiki​
    fixed FTP fail after 3 uploads​
    fixed Module api not writing anything​
    fixed Module api not loading modules correctly​
    fixed File reading error when u click load twice​
    Version 1 Release 2:
    added FTP Function​
    added First part of the api​
    fixed achievement add Glitch​
    fixed achievement selection change bug​

    Version 1 release 1 :
    added Iconomy config editor​
    added Achievements manager​
    added stats config editor​
    added main interface​
    temp removed FTP function until fixed​
    created main Screen plugin loaders and readers​

    i added screenshots now.
    i made a Nice flowing gallery wich will be updated with more screenshots on the go.
    aswell as every version of this app has its own album inside it.
    working on a Logo aswell XD
    poeple let me know what u think about this project aswell as suggestions or feedback. they are all welcome!

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    Wow thats pretty nice. Great maybe less questions will be asked on how to setup plugins lol. wich you for got the h.

    I do like toying with the config though.

    I know this is the first post and I really like it, but I have one question. Is it possible to add some type of FTP. For example I install this on my system and ftp into my server. Like Notepad++ and NppFTP plugin.
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    nice idea. so what i understand is making the app download the plugins folder. and load the plugins and then afterwards upload and overwrite the plugins folder i can do that.

    sure shall write it to the todo list
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    Yes exactly. I do suggest to give a warning of overwriting the folder if possible. You're awesome. :)
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    i do for sure

    small update ..
    i have everything in place now almost ready for first release.
    FTP is the only thing thats bugging me at the moment it doesnt want to upload files XD
    but i'l solve it. with or without FTP today!
    btw i shall add some new screenshots

    yeeey! release 1. without FTP but has:
    and the basic interface

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    Hint: Make an automatic parser ;) So you don't have to create a GUI for every plugin!
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    well it does not Parse YML so its impossible. but for normal plugins its possible. i think i write an API for it so people can make plugins for plugins for this app. mabe its a smart idea. but i must test see if it works first

    but nice idea
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    any feedback. there are a lot of downloads

    Major update folks
    i have written the API system wich can be controlled by anyone who makes a module.
    making a module is easy as 1 2 3 and you dont need to know any special Scripting language
    i will make a PDF with documentation that come with the API system. aswell as an set templates (working modules)
    so i keep u updated folks!

    ok released 1.2 with a bunch of bugfixes and some additions like the FTP function for downloading/uploading to remote hosts

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    ok anyone has any requests or suggestions or feedback? i'm open for it!
    working on the API now must tweek it a bit more then afterwards i shall try to make Bpermissions config editor Modules for the API

    if anyone is interested how to make apis pm me so i send you the documentation Before the official release wich contains the documentation XD
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    it seems that many people download the app. but dont react here.
    it looks like nobody wants this software or this forum is just stuck on 2 topics.
    please people if u take it put a reply here what u think of this app or atleast say that ur downloading it.

    the api is mostly Done now. so it is not to long before i release my app.
    any suggestions how to share the modules. i have no idea where to start XD
    i also need suggestions for plugins i must Support for the main gui so advanced management.
    hope to hear something.

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    At this moment you are "publishing" that application.
    Instead of publishing:
    Build the application (if using Visual Studio Professional or higher: Select Release as build type)
    Now go to [Project]/bin/Debug or [project]/bin/Release and copy that executable :)

    (note: drop the executable in a separate folder, and test if it starts up before distributing. In case it doesn't start up, that means that some additional files are not included in the exe. feel free to ask me about this ;) )
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    I haven't actually used this yet. I'll check it out tomorrow to see if it works and give feedback.

    Now this might be a strange request. As I haven't developed anything thing like this I don't know how difficult it would be to add. So you FTP support..which is awesome thank you! What about Proxy support?

    Say I'm editing my server files behind a firewall and I need to use a proxy..could you add that?
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    the FTP function will connect to the server and download the files once ur done it will upload the files. i though theres no need for a proxy
    even then i dont konw how i never used a proxy in my full life. i can do some research but i can not garantee i can do it

    i have taken a look into FTP proxys.
    i know that in HTTP its not that hard but if i wanna use it in FTP its a lot bigger.
    and my Module i use for the FTP functions does not support the Proxy value.

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    Okay thanks for looking into it. As it is now its a great tool. : )
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    thanks for the feedback. i hope u have fun with it.
    as soon as the new API is working like it must do then i release 2.0 version wich can support all plugins there exists!
    if its XML or yml or .properties or .txt from cfg to ini it can do it all!
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    its almost done. just sending the right functions and it must work.
    gonna release the new version in 3 days or less.

    i also get some reports of people wanting a new citizens quest writer. gonna give it a go !

    sorry that i didnt notice it.
    what u do is working but instable.
    its not advised to edit the program so that u can use it portable. due the fact its needed some core files.

    so do not do that or i wont support u

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    It isn't unstable, it's as stable as it is when you release it.
    you can also embed the dll files into your executable. You can Pm me for both C#or VB.net code if you want.

    I'm not talking about me modifying your program, but about you changing the way you release ;)

    Btw: are you dutch?
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    i am dutch and i is instable. as tested on other systems.
    may people are then missing files broken systems and some people even crash from an error the app cause
    but i dont like any discussion about this do what u like but i dont support peeps who do.
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    ok i have a bug and i try to solve it when that bug is fixed i can release the next version!
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    wohooo i finished making the new version !
    the api system is FULLY working the Modules FULLY WORKING
    and i made a new WIKI page with all the info u need.
    please let me know if u find bugs,errors, or if u miss something. ect..
    Good lucK!
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    well thats low.. i worked hard on this there are many downloads.
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    Norton does not like API.exe; it removes the file every time I download it.
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    then something is wrong with ur scanner. the VT result says 0/42

    so check ur data. mabe it the rules. or something. but its safe.
    the API.exe is a SFX archive wich contains documentation and basic files to create plugins. (2 pdf 1 ini 1 txt file)

    for everyones safety i also scanned the modules.exe

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    many downloads no replys whats up people any suggestions feedback or something?
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    i am BACK at the coding table. but i still need feedback

    everyone what plugins do i must support more? i am ready to make some to add to the system

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    I haven't used it all that much, but I really like it. The only reason I haven't used it much is because I just got back into hosting a server. Anyway you should support the most popular plugins like PermissionsEX, Essentials, WorldGaurd, Commandbook, Jobs, Factions, Towny,...I think that would cover most of the popular plugins there is probably more.

    Less comments must be good. I don't see any problems.
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    i made ATMsigns - worldedit - essentials MAIN -MCbans - votifier update coming soon

    shall upload them standalone and in the main module pack

    MCBUPS version 2 released check changelog for more info

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    I get a warning on download saying its a virus? Any help? I am using Google Chrome and have AVG installed.
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    due to the fact people flagget this as scam spam and misleading software.
    i stopped supporting this software.
    i got a warn on youtube because they think the person who reported the video was right..

    so thanks to the person who did that. and thanks for destroying my project.

    good luck. and mabe mabe not i make software for bukkit ever again..
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