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    Here's another one. some sort of simple Admin-mode. I like to play legit on my server, which is hard when I need to take care of business.

    I think it'd be nice to have something like /adminmode that would:
    empty your inventory and keep it safe for you until you're done adminning.
    save your position and teleport you back.
    maybe throw invulnerability on top of that for good measure.
    It'd be nice if most of the admin commands would be disabled unless you're in admin mode (item spawning, TP, etc)
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    OMG! Yes please! I want this so badly!!!
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    Just put items in chest.. maybe make a warp there :D and just dont use the items, but this mode could be nice :)
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    I don't have a warp plugin and I don't intend to get one now. Furthermore it's a pain to make a new one every time you want to go do something. Plus building a chest and moving things, etc etc...
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    And the temptation to use that small command to get the last wood piece.. oooh..
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