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    Version: v1.0.5
    ExpLevel is an auto level up plugin. You setup your groups and exp values needed to advance in the config.yml file and it will auto advance player based on their Total Experience. It also gives the player a /stats command to display the total exp they have, what level thay are currently at, what the next level is and the exp needed to advance.


    Anyone with explevel.player permission node. This is defaulted to true
    /expstats Displays the players Level & Experience Statistics.
    /stats Same as above
    The op or anyone with explevel.admin permission node can also access these other commands
    /explevel addexp <playername> <amount> Adds amount of experience points to a player
    /explevel subexp <playername> <amount> Subracts amount of experience from a player
    /explevel setexp <playername> <newexp> Sets a players experience to the new amount

    This plugin requires the Vault plugin.
    It should work with any permissions plugin that vault supports. Let me know if there is a problem with a certian permission plugin as I havent tested them all.
    Total Experiance

    Total Experiance is the accumulated experience through the existance of the player and is something the server keeps track of but the player never sees. They only see the Exp that they have avalible. When they use Exp to enchant, their avalible Exp decreases but not the Total Exp. This Total Exp is what we are using to advance the player.
    If the admin does this:
    /explevel addexp LexLaiden 2000
    then 2000 exp are added to LexLaiden's Total Exp and if the new Total Exp is at a higher level range than his current level, he is promoted to the higher level or group.
    /explevel subexp LexLaiden 4000
    then 4000 exp are subtracted from LexLaiden's Total Exp and if the new Total Exp is at a lower level range than his current level, he is demoted to the lower level or group.
    Setup Config.yml

    In your config.yml file you set the experiance needed for your groups in the Levels section.
    Levels: Default: 0 Player: 2000 Moderator: 12500
    Whatever you named your groups in GroupManager you use them in the Levels section. If you don't want a group to be included just leave them out. You MUST set the experience needed in order 0 to the highest value.
    Levels: Peasant: 0 Apprentice: 2000 Journeyman: 4500 Master: 20000 Lord: 30000

    You may use subgroups in your permission plugin groups setup, but be sure you do not add them to ExpLevel config.yml Levels: Section. ExpLevel only allows one main group at a time. If you add more than one main group or add a main group to the subgroups it will cause you unexpected results.

    See History here

    See Project page and get download
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    How long does this take nowadays?

    np98765 do you handle any of these waiting for approval?

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