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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by ezsy, Jan 19, 2012.

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    Auto Updater has been coded and it will automatically detect if a new version came out.

    - Build Version : 1.4.5 (Bukkit) 1.4.7 (Original Multiplayer)
    - Macintosh Only.
    - Windows will come out soon.


    - Back button for after clicking the run button - Problem "Applescript limit buttons to three"
    - Improvement in GUI - Problem "Rescripting the whole program"

    * Documentation *
    This application built by ezsy is made to help users whom are new to computing and servers. It contains the most basic features which would allow you, the use to run a bukkit server [modded server which supports plugin]. By downloading, you are agreeing that if your computer has problems after running the script has nothing to do with the program.

    [Basic Commands for Minecraft]

    * Installation Guide *
    1. Extract the application to anywhere on your computer.
    2. Run Application
    3. Hit either Install (if you would like to redownload Bukkit) or Run
    4. By running, you will be given the choices to open your config, your plugin folder or the server itself.
    5. Hope you enjoy, this is still in it's alpha stage. I would soon move to a different programming language

    * Download *


    Administrator has removed all my links since it was adf.ly therefore I've to be clean and use valid links. I am happy to announce that I have created a auto-updater for this application and I'll will be updating frequently. This is a Beta 1.0 and no longer an Alpha, I hope you enjoy and please support me for more!

    Beta 1.0 : File download is below. or http://www.spydderrsource.zxq.net/EZ-Bukkit.zip

    * Screenshots *


    - If anyone is a designer with experience, I would appreciate it if you would help to design a icon.
    - Looking for suggestion for a name change!

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    i wanna help dev this
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    Sorry, I'm only looking for a designer and comments for a new name.
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    Please Update this, It's the only way my server works. :D
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    Try AutoBukkitServer it does the same thing and is up to date.
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