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    MythicDrops - Easy auto and manual drop remover:
    Version: v1.0

    This is the first public release of my first plugin. It simply removes dropped items to reduce lag.
    The user can use refined commands to remove specific drops by id within a radius, or all drops from everywhere.
    As well, you can set an interval for dropped items to be removed automatically, you can configure which items will be removed easily.
    You can also log the locations of drops, saved as a txt file in the plugin's folder, so you can find sources of lag.
    This plugin is great for modded servers like DNS or Tekkit.
    The servers I play on have used this, and it has greatly reduced the lag, so I figured I should release it to the public.

    • Manual drop removal.
    • Automatic drop removal.
    • Scheduled drop removal.
    • Save drop locations in a txt file.
    • /mdauto [start/stop/get]
      - Handle automatic removal.
    • /mdremove [radius/all] <blockId:metadata>
      - Remove specific dropped items.
    • /mdshow [radius/all] <blockId:metadata>
      - Print the number of dropped items.
    • /mdlog [radius/all] <blockId:metadata>
      - Log the locations of dropped items.
    • /mdhelp
      - Show the commands with description/usage.
    • /mdreload
      - Reload config and restart schedule.
    • /mdconfig
      - View the config file settings.
    Download Links:
    - BukkitDev

    Version 1.0
    • Initial public release.
    If you find bugs or have ideas for features, you can PM me on here or email me at
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    BukkitDev link please.

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