[ADMIN]CraftMin - The New Admin Software for running a Minecraft(Bukkit) Server!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by TheCraftMan, Jun 2, 2011.

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    CraftMin is made for People that want to run a minecraft server but don't have a lot of knowledge about it. It has a very easy and beautyful interface.


    For Now, i will not release it before a couple of hard testes. So, i'm looking for some beta testers! Do You? Send me a PM!

    *Edit Server Properties
    *Automatic Server Jar Updating
    *Colored Console
    *Ban Control
    *Whitelist Editor
    *Easy Back-Up System
    *A Lot of extra Commands
    *Enable/Disable TNT
    *And More!

    *Plugin System(60% Done)
    *Add more Custom Commands

    I Think I will release it at the end of June!

    P.S., to all beta testers.I will send you CraftMin this Weekend(2nd of July).
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    Question: Is it Java or .EXE?
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    Hi TheCraftMan

    Is it Java or exe ?

    I am extremely intrested in the software that you are showing on the screenshot it looks realy helpfull
    I would like to download it when its done.
    Please reply when you are done with creating the software etc.

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    could you add like a check for plugin updates kind of thing?
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    By the looks his was using the JAR version of the server software thought I would point out. Even though that still dose not tell us the answer to your question :)
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    I am Using an EXE Coded with Visual Studio
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    looks sexy...!
    nice work...!
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    Well if you wanted alot of people to use it you would need to code it in a open-source Java. Just sayin
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    open-source: it's nice
    Java: why does everything have to be in java!! i hate it...
    you don't need java to have alot of people using it
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    I know you probably hate it; but I meant Java as in open-source for all OS's (Windows, Mac, Linux).

    I am a Linux User and I would of liked to test it.
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    ooo, i get it
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    when is it coming ou1t
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