[ADMIN/CHAT/MEC/RPG] VariableTriggers v1.2.6- Triggers w/scripts & Dynamic Variables [1.5.1-R0.1]

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    Tested and no problems. Your not clicking the different click triggers faster than its changing are you?
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    No of course not. I've added a second line to each with a Player and it looks like whenever the script doesn't work it's not the @SIGNTEXT that doesn't work but the complete script. Whenever the Player geht's the message the @SIGNTEXT works too. Still testing to reproduce the problem.
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    Just uploaded v1.2.1

    This has a couple fixes and the addition of Inventory Manipulation. Give the dev.bukkit team a chance to approve it and then download it
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    как скачать?:(
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    I am getting ready to release the next update so be sure you have Subscribed so you will get notified when its released. We have some nice features
    What's been added so far in the upcoming release


    Added - /vt savetriggers, /vt reloadtriggers and /vt reloadscripts now display a message in the chat window to the user when you use one of these commands.
    Script Commands

    @SOUNDEX This will let you play all those extra sounds and change the volume and pitch of the sound.
    Usage: @SOUNDEX [sound] [volume] [pitch] [location]
    sound is the name of the sound to play. See Sounds for a list
    volume is a value between 0.0 and 1.0
    pitch is a value between 0.5 and 2.0
    location is the location the sound will come from. If you do not put a location then you will be prompted to click on a location and it will be added for you.

    while This is a contitional loop and give you ability to loop based on testing
    Usage: while [i|b|s|si] [VALUE] [=|!=|>|<|>=|<=] [VALUE]
    @ENDWHILE This ends a while loop block
    Usage: @ENDWHILE
    Event Triggers

    Chat This is triggered when a player types in the chat window. The normal placeholders refer to this player and ther are a few specific to this event. <chatline> <chatwordcount> and <chatword:index>

    Timer The timer will exicute any script attached to it once every minute. It is up to you to set and test your variables to decide how often to allow exicution.
    Usage: /vtevent Timer [SCRIPTLINE]
    One important thing to remember is that this is not triggered by a player and therefore the normal place holders are not valid. <playername> will be 'null' and <playerloc> will be 0,0,0 <health> will be 0 and so on. You may use Functional Place Holders that let you set a player name and must get it from object variables you have saved. You may not use Player as it asumes the triggering player but you may use @BROADCAST or @TELL
    Place Holders Specific to Chat Event

    <chatline> Will be replaced with the text that was typed in the chat window by player.
    <chatwordcount> Will be replaced with the number of words typed in chat window
    Functional Place Holders Specific to Chat Event

    <chatword:index> This will return the word typed in the chat line at the index. Index starts at 1. If an index is out of range a 'null' text is returned.
    Be sure you are Subscribed
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    v1.2.2 has just been uploaded.:D
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    v1.2.6 has been released. This fixes async and concurrent errors.
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    alright so I was getting back into working with variable triggers and I have a few questions about whether or not these things im wanting to do can or cannot be done and if so how to go about doing it. first off I was trying to make it where once a player stepped on one block it will give them night vision potion effects for a specific amount of time you want or at all. also im trying to get it to work where once a player walks over a block it makes fire pop up somewhere else, same with fireworks. if you could please help me with those few things that would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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