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    Jacob Marshall

    Notice: This plugin will not be updated for a little while, for more information click to view this post... [here]


    When updating from 2.0.* => 2.1, please make sure to backup your configuration file and store it somewhere else. The new configuration file in 2.1 is different than 2.0, and could break the plugin if you do not remove your existing one first.

    MelooonCensor v2 is the best way to keep your server clean. Language, these days, is not really looked at as such an important aspect of life. When online, teenagers especially, tend to use bad language that some of us would rather not see. MelooonCensor helps you out by allowing a very simple configuration file of words that you wish to censor.

    The reason why this is not a 'swear' plugin, is because you can allow unlimited amounts of words that you feel should not be spoken on your server. You can censor websites, swears, slang, names, you name it. So go wild! And thanks for choosing MelooonCensor.

    for Bukkit 1.2.5-R5.0 from Dropbox!
    • Censoring specific words in the main minecraft chat
    • Custom messages when censored words are used
    • A plain and simple compact configuration
    • No file setup required!
    • Words can be added in-game (not cmd/terminal)
    • Words can be removed ingame (not cmd/terminal)
    • An optional, original chat message log (/MelooonCensor2/messages.log)
    • Auto-updater (you still have to download the new file though)
    • MelooonCensor v1 algorithm toggling (bob_method)
    • Wizzy fast!

    • /censor
      • Alias for /censor help.
    • /censor help
      • Displays all the MelooonCensor commands in a list.
      • Permission: n/a
    • /censor list
      • Displays a list of all the blacklisted words
      • Permission: MelooonCensor.cmd.list
    • /censor add [word]
      • Adds a [word] to the blacklist
      • Permission: MelooonCensor.cmd.add
    • /censor remove [word]
      • Removes a specific word from the blacklist
      • Permission: MelooonCensor.cmd.remove
    • /censor reload
      • Reloads the MelooonCensor configuration file.
      • Permission: MelooonCensor.cmd.reload
    • /censor reset
      • Resets the MelooonCensor configuration file. (No warning)
      • Permission: MelooonCensor.cmd.reset
    Misc Permissions
    • MelooonCensor.bypass
      • Bypasses the censor logic.
    • Add most of the other features that came with MelooonCensor v1
    • Word specific replacing (Idea from Coops)
    • Modify the way that censoring words works (the same method as MelooonCensor1) (Idea by bobacadodl)
    • v2.1 (extra builds)
      • Added a build for servers running Bukkit 1.2.5-R5 + 1.3.1-R2
    • v2.1
      • Bugfixes from pre-release
    • v2.1pre
      • Re-write!
      • New logic handler
      • New config
      • New/improved commands
        • /censor
        • /censor help
        • /censor add [word]
        • /censor remove [word]
        • /censor reload
        • /censor list
        • /censor reset
      • New command handler
      • New/changed permissions
        • MelooonCensor.cmd.list
        • MelooonCensor.cmd.reload
        • MelooonCensor.cmd.remove
        • MelooonCensor.cmd.add
        • MelooonCensor.cmd.reset
    • v2.0.2
      • Added toggle support for MelooonCensor v1 algorithm with in configuration.
      • Fixed some bugs.
      • Removed some debug code.
      • Cleaned up some messy code.
    • v2.0.1
      • Added support for adding specific find/replace word filters in config. Idea by Coops.
    • v2.0.0
      • Initial release of MelooonCensor2!
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    Jacob Marshall

    Thanks :)
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    Thats alright, like the logo by the way.
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    Jacob Marshall

    Ah, cheers mate. I spent a lot of time on it. *sniggers*
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    Could you please add a feature to:
    Instead of censoring the word, it replaces the word with another. For example:
    Player: I fucking hate this fucking server and you all are giant assholes!
    Would become:
    Player: I fudging dislike this fudging server and you all are giant donkeys!

    And the words and their replacements would be stored in the files and probably be altered through commands like you have it set up now.

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    Jacob Marshall

    That is definitely something that I would like to implement. Ill add this to the todo list, and thank you for your contribution.

    EDIT: This feature has been added. I will work on a new command for it soon, for now, this will do.
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    Awesome! A simple, non-complicated censoring plugin :) It works perfectly except for 1 problem.. lets say I censor the word "butt". Someone can easily bypass it by saying "buttface", and the whole word comes out uncensored.
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    Jacob Marshall

    Thats weird I tested that, and what you're saying did not happen. Ill look into it asap, sorry for the inconvenience.

    EDIT: Sorry, I miss read what you were saying. That is a feature. Because some people want to block the word ass for instance, but don't want glass to be blocked.

    Thanks :)
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    Wouldn't it be more efficient if you could make it work the opposite way? For example: censor the word 'ass'. Then have an option to "excuse" certain words that contain 'ass', such assassin, glass, etc. It would be more efficient this way because currently, people can easily bypass the censor.
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    Jacob Marshall

    Ill put in on the to-do list, and it will be an optional config. Thanks for the feedback :)

    Alright, this is what ive done. Ive made a developers build for you. It has a new config item 'bob_method' which is the method directly imported from MelooonCensorv1.

    If 'bob_method' is set to true, it uses the MelooonCensorv1 logic, if its set to false, it uses the new MelooonCensorv2 logic.

    Please play around with the changes and tell me what you think may need tweeking (as per your liking).
    Also anybody is free to use this dev build, however it does have a message that pops up every time a player joins the game warning them that you're using a dev copy, so I wouldn't recommend using it on your own public server.

    This message will disappear when v2.0.2 has been released.

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    My players on my server can swear. It didnt censor their bad language.
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    Jacob Marshall

    Please post your config.yml file here. You either have it disabled, or you have not set any swear words to be included on the blacklist.
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    Hey, great plugin, nice and simple.

    In your next release could please make it that it doesn't spam the console when ever someone talks? At the moment, if someone says "Hi" it then shows as "[MeloonCensor2] Hi" 3 times in the console.

    Also make it that it blocks words in other words, at the moment if you say "shit" it censors it, but if you say "shitshit", it doesn't. I don't really want to block every word 20 times over with different variables.

    Thanks, hope you can do this :)
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    Jacob Marshall

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    I love this plugin!
    Can you add when cencer found badword, kick that user from server?
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    Jacob Marshall

    I've just added that feature, however I need to finish some other things before I release a new version.
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    Thanks, the new version fixed the problems.

    One thing though, could you make the censoring words case sensitive?
    At the moment it censors "fuck" to "****" but completely ignores the word if I change it to "Fuck" for example.

    sorry for the language lol

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    Jacob Marshall

    Yah, thats the main reason why I made the new algorithm, MelooonCensor1 (bob_method) had a very unique way of targeting censored words, however it made it very hard for me to make changes such as the caps bug.

    Ill get right on it, however I am unsure how long it may take to fix.

    Thanks :)
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    Good luck with that then, better you take your time instead of stuffing it up :p
    Thanks for the quick reply :)
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    Jacob Marshall

    Thanks, I will do. And thank the inventor of email for the quick replies :)
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    haha :p
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    Jacob Marshall
    Wow... you already implemented it. Thanks a lot! I'll test it out.
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    I think i know why, i didnt change anything in the config.
    enable: true
    - swear1
    - swear2
    - swear3
    - word1;replace1
    - word2;replace2
    - word3;replace3
    message: We do not allow swearing on our server...
    censor: '*'
    log: true
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    Jacob Marshall

    Yah, you need to replace the defaults. Because this isnt a swear word specific censor plugin. You can use it for websites, phrases, names, you name it.
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    Nice plugin btw, it works perfectly :D
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    Jacob Marshall

    Cheers, means a lot! :)
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    nice plugin i really need this :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Jacob Marshall

    Im glad that you found what you needed. Feedback is always loved [diamond]

    Just a quick preview of MelooonCensor 2.1, and whats to come!

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