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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by brandcool86, Feb 21, 2012.

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    Hello Guys,
    This isn't really a plugin but it is a all in one installer so that means, Here let me explain whats in it!

    Bukkit (Always Updated)
    Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsSpawn (Essentials is created By EssentialsTeam)
    PermissionsEX (Just the lastest update)
    SetRankPEX (An easy way to promote people, For example: /setrank brandy Owner)
    Run.Bat (1.5gigs of ram installed for it)

    All you need to do when installed is, Run the run.bat, then set up your files then launch and your done!

    Upcoming Update 0.3 (Fetures):
    Update in plugins, Update in bukkit.

    Download Here!: <removed>

    Current Stable Build: 0.2

    Dev-Build: None found yet.

    Unstable Builds:
    0.2.3 Reason: (Remove from changeLog)
    Due to Bukkit build had bugs in it.


    0.2 (Stable Build)
    Installed a plugin, (SetrankPEX) Update to 1.2.5, Update all plugins To lastest version.

    0.1 (Stable Build)
    First Release (Stable Build)
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    This is going to be called a tool.
    Please don't use mediafire
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    This sounds like a great tool but I'm not interested in media fire. Is it available elsewhere?
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    Hi There, in 1 day time i will be giving a new build, with the lastest minecraft and not media fire!
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    I recommend using Dropbox (Free ;))
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    Again that super-mean question: Did you ask the developers to reproduce your plugins?
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    Please tell me what's so bad about mediafire.

    1. Great Upload/Download speed.
    2. Only 5 second wait.
    3. You can get direct links from mediafire(which is what your supposed to do)

    Same goes for you jackass.
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    I guess you know you aren't allowed to redistribute bukkit? You can get the latest bukkit versions from dl.bukkit.org, it has a complete API so it shouldn't be a problem.
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    You cannot redistribute CraftBukkit.

    If you wish to do this, you must have your script download the jar from dl.bukkit.org, and the script must be available to moderators/Bukkit Dev staff for review.
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