Adding potion particle effects to play post 1.6.2

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Father Of Time, Aug 19, 2013.

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    Father Of Time

    Good afternoon everyone,
    I just have a quick question. In the past I was able to apply potion particle effects using the craftbukkit code:

      el.getDataWatcher().watch( 8, color );
    However, recently there was an update that changed the second argument from int to byte, and ever since then I am unable to trigger player potion particle effects.

    I have tried aimlessly manipulating the variables being passed to this data watcher as I have no idea what it is expecting, but from what I can gather the first parameter determines what watcher you are dealing with ( send 9, 100; you’ll jab 100 arrows into your player hah!), but nothing has worked.
    The only thing that makes me feel I am somewhat on track still is because when I drink a normal potion, then trigger this function using 8, 55 the particles become transparent.

    So my question is does anyone know how to make a player spawn potion particles without adding a potion effect. It used to be call one packet to start them and one to stop them:

      int c = 0;
      if (!el.effects.isEmpty()) {
       c = net.minecraft.server.v1_6_R2.PotionBrewer.a(el.effects.values());
      el.getDataWatcher().watch(8, c);
    Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated; have a great day.
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