Answered Able to lock your own thread when no-one replies for over 1 month.

Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by ChipDev, Dec 25, 2014.


Should We?

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    Title says all :p I think it would be a nice feature.
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    What's wrong with requesting it to be locked?
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    Thats for mostly others threads.
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    No, you can report your own thread to be locked...
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    Keyword Mostly
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    No. A regular user should never have that power as it is a moderators judgement call to lock a thread. Thread locks should only ever be requested in the Development sections.
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    *9/10 of my threads in resources are locked ;)
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    Close enough!
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    In the nicest possible way (I don't mean to offend anyone)
    Yes, but if no-one has replied in a month, its would be nice just to click a little lock button, rather than go and have to chase up Moderators/Admins and then update them and wait for them to reply and eventually lock the thread.
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  13. @MasterDoctor What do you mean chase us up and await reply? If you report your thread to be locked it will be as fast as possible. There is almost always staff online that will lock your thread within minutes.
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    When I have been looking for staff, I have always had to wait up to an hour.
  15. @MasterDoctor How were you looking for us? An hour is very unusual.
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    You don't have to "look" for us, we are pretty much here all day and if we are somehow not around for a moment, there is still Curse Staff. When using the report button, it normally should not take longer than 10 minutes until someone takes a look at it. However there can always be a small delay sometimes since we also have a life besides Bukkit.
    Either way if you simply create a report your Thread will be locked anyway at some point.

    And now back to the real question:
    I personally think that Users should not be able to lock their own Threads. You can already request a Lock. And after all you'd still have to click a Button. The only difference is that the Button is somewhere else and that the action is now being made without any Staff member's attention.
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  18. I think we should stab at the real question here: Let's imagine you have to wait a whole hour for someone to come and lock your thread. My question is "so what?" What harm does that one hour window do? What's so important that the thread has to be locked, and quickly. Are you afraid that someone will come along, after a month of nobody replying, and suddenly provide the answer? And if that happens, why does it matter? Has that done any damage at all?

    I apologise if that sounds overly critical, that's not my intention, I'm just genuinely curious as to what the problem is. :)
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    So to sum up. No.

    Report and request thread locks if you need them.
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