A Welcome New Player Pluggin?

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Disorbs, Jan 1, 2015.

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    So I need a simple but customizable plugin that saves a New players data and performs a
    "Welcome %Player% to 'your server'!" i know essentials has this but i use multiverse
    and for some reason it does not do this for the Hub world so i need a new separate plugin
    that pretty much does this can anyone recommend me some?


    And only does it for "First Time Players" then saves their data so it wont redo-it after the rejoin, Thanks

    Also I've looked at some already but those display it all the time when the user joins and not only New people.
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    Hi, I am pretty sure you can do that using essentials spawn, you will have spawn, first join spawn, and first join message. You will have to edit the message in the config.
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    @Disorbs You need this to show globally or only to the player who joins?
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    hello and it is already configured to do that for first newly joined on the world hub but it doesnt idk why.
    yes globally so everyone can welcome the new User because when a new user joined the server it just says
    '%player% join the game."
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    if u can make it so it only works for a specific world like

    #the world where the new user will join and trigger the welcome msg
    World: hub

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    @Disorbs Because you told NEW users. You aren't a new user.
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    @Disorbs yeah, for you to be a new player you need to go into the world file, go into the players and delete yourself, or just delete the players file completely.
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    @Lionhard @Samthelord1
    okay i couldnt get lionhard to work for me but i got Sams to work but sam for some reason
    when i edit the config and restart the server it resets it back to the normal one can u fix it?
    idk why it does that.
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    Try the plugin I made, it welcomes new people to the server as well as already-played people. It also says it when someone leaves.
    <link removed, no mediafire/adfly links allowed ~Eyamaz>
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