A "Runescape" style ore respawn.

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    [coalore][ironore][goldore][diamondore] [coal][iron][gold][diamond]
    Hello, I'm currently looking for a plugin that allows a server admin to select specific blocks of ores chosen by the admin to respawn after a timer or cooldown period. The ores that are mined out should be replaced with bedrock to avoid other blocks being placed on their spawning locations. I'd prefer the plugin to be simple enough to modify, either with a config or some in-game options, and not an area-based plugin. (I would like a few specific locations to have some respawning resources without every ore in that area spawning back like in the mineral vein plugin.)

    If someone could make this plugin for me, you'd have my gratitude.
    To simpify the idea of this plugin concept:
    • Respawning individual blocks chosen by admin(s)
    • Replacing those chosen ores with bedrock when mined
    Thanks, and good luck!:D

    An idea I got from the v10lift plugin, the admin could enter a command and go into a "selection mode" to choose which blocks that they would like to have respawn, and then type in a command to exit that mode. Just an idea.;)

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    Instead of bedrock, make it stone, there is ways to prevent players from mining it without it being bedrock :p
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    Were you trying to perfectly describe this plugin, or is it just a co-incidence? :p
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    Kind of, I've tried this plugin, and I liked the bedrock conversion feature, but it made all the ores in the game respawn, not just the specific ones I wanted to choose. :p I'm basically looking for a plugin that lets me choose any block I want, and have that block, or set of blocks, respawn after a time limit. There are a few that I've seen, like Block Respawn back in 1.1 that was perfect, but was sadly discontinued. Maybe I could find a plugin that lets me choose an area to be respawned, but still, I feel this plugin idea would be at least a little simpler and more admin friendly for servers.

    It could be an air block, I'm not picky. That part of the plugin isn't too important to me.
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    Here is basically what I'm after: I want to make some spots public mining areas and have only the blocks I choose respawn individually, and any ores found out in the wilderness only be mineable once. That way I can kind of control where players will want to set up their residences and allow "unlimited resources" to the community, but not make it so players can go anywhere and just mine the same ores in their mines over and over again.

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