A plugin which can get the rank of a player, and make them another certain rank after a command

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  1. What I need:
    A plugin which can get the rank of a player, and make them another certain rank after a command (perfomed by an admin). This is to make it faster to make users Premium on my server, as I use BuyCraft.

    The plugin should be able to detect if the player was either C-Prisoner, B-Prisoner, A-Prisoner or Free, and then make them into the equivalent Premium rank.

    C-Prisoner pays the premium cost -> BuyCraft executes command "/makepremium <user>" -> Plugin detects what rank the player currently has and makes their rank C-Premium instead.
    I would also need a command to turn them from the premium rank back to the equivalent normal rank.

    Command suggestions:
    /makepremium <user>: makes the user premium
    /removepremium <user>: makes the user non-premium again.

    This shouldn't be very hard to make and it would really save me a lot of work.
  2. How are ranks handled in BuyCraft?
  3. All through commands that are executed by the console.

    I might make something like this this weekend, so you might just want to look out for that.
  4. I'll leave you to it then np98765. ;)
  5. Thank you very much, np98765 :)
  6. If you're using a permissions plugin that supports sub-groups(PEX for example), you can just them into a premium group which grants them the perms you need, and remove them when the time is up.
  7. I am using PEX for my permissions management. The problem is that I am also using iChat for my chat management, and iChat somehow doesn't support groups added to a player.

    If that didn't make sense, here's what I mean:
    I use the "/pex user <user> group add <group>" to add sub-groups. iChat reads that the Premium group doesn't have a prefix and shows none. I want to use the prefix of the first group and keep the permissions from the second.

    That's why it'd make it easier to just be able to add them to a rank specific group (or is it?)
  8. Maybe like /promote [playername]? You could make it so that you configure the rank the player would be promoted to if they're in a certain rank.

    I want to promote players using BuyCraft. I configured the plugin in this order:
    Member > Donator > Donator+ > VIP

    I put in the /promote command to use when a player donates. The server then checks to see what rank they're in and then promotes them to the next one.
  9. I still need to be able to remove them from the VIP rank, as I have per-month payment.
    Also I have multiple ranks of "Member" which people can access through playing, and I would need a VIP rank for every single "Member" rank.
  10. An alternate plugin would not help with this. I suggest using inheritance for the duplicate groups which are necessary. BTW there exists a /demote command.
  11. An alternate plugin would help with this.
    It's okay that you don't understand why I need it.. But please, can somebody make this?
  12. Oh wait, this all because of iChat?

    Ditch iChat then. Get something like EssentialsChat or one of the other chat managers...
  13. I've used EssChat and ChatManager (PEX) but they worked the same way.

    I still need the plugin
  14. No, you don't. A plugin can't do anything magical that a command can't when it comes to inter-plugin communication without an API.

    Please don't tell me how to write a plugin/what they are for. If you could talk, you would write the plugin yourself.
  15. Wait whoa. Never said anything to offend you. Just get off the topic.
    I need the plugin, to make everything easier for me to manage.

    The things I am asking for are possible.
    And I know how to write plugins.
  16. Derp, forgot about the plugin I requested long ago -- See CautiousRank. :p
  17. Thanks dude! Just about what I needed :p

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