A plugin that gives a list of players with certain attributes

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Bl4ckSpyrit, Nov 18, 2020.

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    Hello everyone! So i have a minecraft survival server which works with jobs. I'm not talking about economy type jobs, but social kind of jobs. You can pay with (for example) diamonds someone to excavate an area for you, or to find a mansion etc. Let's say i want to know who is an engineer ( does redstone builds) on the server so i can give him a farm to build. Now, does anyone know of a plugin that can show people with certain groups/ranks/attributes whatever you wanna call them? I was thinking something like /engineer would give u a list of the players with that group. /builder would give all the builders on the server. People can have more than one job so i need it to be able to show them in more than 1 list. If anyone knows, help is appeciated. Thanks in advance.

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