A neat tool for command management.

Discussion in 'Resources' started by dillyg10, Jun 25, 2013.

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    One of the <many> things I dread doing when I start on a big project is commands. THey are very messy, hard to organize, and frankly just a pain in the ass.

    At some point I got fed up with this, so I developed a neat tool for making it VERY easy to add commands.

    The way it works is pretty simple:

    You have a method (let's just call it x) that represents what you want to execute when a player types /whatever. You just need to add an annotation (@Command) to the method, and then add the class to the CommandManager cmds array.

    From there, the system does the rest of the work. It will check for everything, and finally it will execute your command method.

    I have heavily commented/documented the source, but if you still have any questions please ask. I would not recommend modifying the source unless you are familiar with java reflection, since the source revolves mostly around that...
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    Sk89q framework does the same thing, no? It's already in World Edit, and OverCast developers made a public repo for just the framework without the dependency of World Edit.


    What is the difference between Sk89q's and yours? If it's easier, I would love to use it, thanks!
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    Hmm, actually I'm sure there isn't a difference :p. You can use either, mine might be a tad easier to pop in, but it doesn't really matter to me personally.
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