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    Okay this may seem a little weird, but I'm telling you exactly what I'm witnessing. Okay so when I'm not running my Bukkit server, there is a strange "Ghost" server that is running, but that I didn't create. There is nowhere on any of the computers in my home, a minecraft server running. But, It is using the IP Address of my Wired LAN Connection that I use to run my server, thus sending everyone to that server. I check my external IP Address through PFPortChecker, and it says "Could not track port 25565 because some other application has that port locked. Please close any applications that may be using this port." But the thing is, no other application is running that port on ANY of my computers. If I launch my bukkit server it takes the place of the ghost server, and I can connect to it. But others cant. And i can't check my external IP, because, again, something has the port locked.

    Here are some screenshots of the problem. BTW If you need any more information, don't hesitate to ask! Thank you so much!

    Here you can see PFPortChecker unable to test the port.....


    Here you can see the ghost server running...

    Here you can see through CMD, my IPv4 Address, ( and the ghost server running!

    Here you can see my Port Forwarding through Verizon.

    Here you can see the folder I keep my server in.

    This is my server's Config file.

    Here you can see my Minecraft Bukkit server running on

    And here you can see my server running, the PFPortChecker error, and my server showing up for ONLY me to be able to connect. Since the ghost server has the port blocked for external access.

    What is going on? I need help. -___-
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    the "ghost" server could just be another program(on another pc) using that port :p
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    Solution 1: restart your computer.

    Solution 2:
    1) Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del)
    2) Go to Processes tab
    2) Delete any 'java.exe' processes.

    You're welcome. :D
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    and remove the ip form the server-ip:
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    YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE GENIUS! Thank you so much, it worked!
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