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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by shadow263, Dec 14, 2015.

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    hi all so i have been looking for a crate plugin for my server but im not getting much luck cause they dont support kits so if i made a kit it would not add the item or the plugin wont work so i thought if someone could make a crate plugin for my server which supports with kits anyway thats all shadow signing out =)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @shadow263 What do you mean with supporting kits? Kits are usually defined in lore and item name, crate plugins generally have that.
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    Most crate plugins allows you to execute commands from the console once one item is received. One of essentials commands for kits is "/kit (name) (nameofkit)" so you could have the crate plugin execute that command. I know Custom Crates does this.
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    well i used the Mystery Crate plugin a while ago but i can use the diamond key with the kits but i cant use the roulette key with the kits can it be fixed??
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    ok i will gave it a try and will reply later

    ok well i got started and went to try opening a crate and i says crates are not enabled in this world so now what??
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    so can anyone help me out here??
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    That would be to do with your configuration file. The message tells you what you need to do, you need to enable the crates in the world you're trying to use them in. If you don't know what your world is called you can find it in your server files or on your multicraft and/or FTP manager if you use a host.

    In the crate plugin it may look something like this:

    enabled worlds:

    Hope everything goes well, be sure to mark as filled when you are happy with the plugin you have,

    Best Regards,
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    ok i gave it a tr and it still says crates not enabled in this world even though i put the world in the enabled worlds section sorry if this is annoying =)


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    well the plugin had a update and its all fixed now thanks for your help
  11. I do kits fine
    (/kit {name} {player})
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    well i used the essentials kits where you type /kitcreate <name> <deley>
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