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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by jakeboy28, Jul 2, 2013.

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    I need a plugin for my server. I'm not sure does it exist already but I dont know how to find a plugin like this! :/

    What would the plugin do: Make a selected region an "offline area". when a player enters an offline area, he could not see any other players and other players can't see him. And if the player breaks something, he would be the only player that can see it. understand? :p

    and is this even possible? :D
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    Janmm14 Ok... do you know does it already exist or something? Would be so awesome XD
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    No, I don't know if such a plugin already exists, but technically it's possible, but it maybe doesn't work for all blocks. Signs, beacons and spawner for example will be really hard like chests, because of their additional data. For a player placing the blocks or for the others to use them cortectly. There you can choose. Also it would be not easy to save these changes to a file.

    An other option would be to use multiverse and if a player enters the offline region he will be teleported to his own world. There is the problem that many worlds need many memory. If ten players are in the offline area if the multiverse option would be chosen, i think about 200-400mb extra memory is used.
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    Janmm14 Thanks for the answer! :)

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