96% Complete bukkit ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Perling, Jan 19, 2011.

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    No that just means that 96% of building attempts were successful.
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    A better measure would be here from their roadmap. That link you gave is the number of times the program successfully built the sources. Once in the last 25 attempts there was a compile error.

    However, they are adding new issues to the preview build target, so the percentage doesn't increase as they complete tasks.
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    It would be nice if 96% of Bukkit are finished already. :D Btw. the roadmap says 42% open. Hey 42! This is the answer to all our plugin problems!
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    Oh no. Now I have good information to use to know how the development of Bukkit is going. I fear that page will be getting refreshed many a time by me now, as I wait patiently for release. :p
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    ah ok thank you :)
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    That'S not really a roadmap that' only open issues, which are added daily. So this is a really bad way to get your hopes up.
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    Too late: Hopes = Up.
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    nice to see that permissions is still at 0% :(
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