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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by fussionzz97, Jun 12, 2012.

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    Do these plugins exist? if so link please ;)

    Number one.
    Invulnerability plugin - Upon joining (for the first time) or dieing having invulnerability for 30 seconds so no one can kill you and you cant attack anyone else

    Number two.
    Item permissions plugin or nodes? - I use PEX and wanting to limit armours and items for specific groups on my server any help here?

    Number three.
    Nether portal creating - Anyway to stop this? my servers PVP/RPG and there is only 1 portal in the map which is in a volcano defended by blazes, but people just create there own

    P.S I got Worldguard, Essentials, McMMO would they have any of these features in them

    Thanks! :D :)
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    Anyone? :3
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    WorldGuard = Limit Blocks and Items in config
    Multiverse = Prevent people from accessing nether, multiple worlds also
    And for no spawn killing just use worldguard to make a no pvp zone at the spawn
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    For worldguard could i add that people cant place Obsidian and specific groups in PEX cant equip diamond armour?
    Edit: I have no idea where to add this into the config any help :3
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    sorry,i have no idea .[​IMG]
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    I think I saw some nodes for blocks in bPermissions. They were generated by the helpme command.

    To prevent the portals, you could block obsidian?
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    I use PEX would the nodes be the same as Bperms also how could i block Obsidian?
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