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    1.Plugin category: Mech, Fix, and Admin
    Suggested name: Rank Block
    What I want: I would like for a way to rank people up with redstone devices or a block that could be random run a command if redstone is activated and is powering the block. it would run the command and allow the player to rank up or other.... with out having to need the permission to do so. Reason y i want this to be made. I don't want to give players the command /manuadd (name) (rank/group).

    2.Plugin category: Admin

    Suggested name: SilentCommands

    What I want: Commands don't show in chat.

    Ideas for commands: a command to turn of certain plugin commands in chat and an option for all.
    Ideas for permissions: silentcommands.use

    When I'd like it by: Whenever you can figure out how to do this.

    Ty if you just even read this post. If any plugin could be made i would like the second one more its much simpler to make i just don't have the exp. need to write java. but willing to be taught.
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    As far as I know, the second one is impossible
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    Well, if you want the second one done I can re-code the plugin depending on what plugin you want ;P
    pm me
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    I don't even understand what number one says, wow.

    I think he means some form of command block, but You won't find me swearing to it. Use AutoRank maybe? I know it's not what you want, but because I can't make sense of what you have said, I'm punting for AutoRank
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    1. Command blocks
    2. That would require the plugin be recoded.
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    Just use command blocks for 1. Do this:

    1. Go to server and spawn in a command block.
    2. Place it and enter a command inside of it.
    3. Edit server.properties and enable command blocks (command-blocks=true).
    4. Restart Server
    5. Go to creative mode and op yourself. Then enter a command in the commandblock again and make the system shown below. For the place you want the player to be (name), put in @p.
    {}= Command Block
    _- place for player to stand
    -- redstone wiring
    |---------------------------------------|- BUTTON HERE
    CommandBlock _
    When you flip the button with the player standing there, then it will auto issue the command on the player.
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    My case wont be solved till the problem is solved. i need a way to bypass and i am going to try master promote again.
    also command blocks wont run the permission because it requires a name. /manuadd (Name) (Rank)
    heres an idea maybe much simpler. Command blocks were you can type <name> or %name% and will fill with the closest person to finish the syntax of the command.

    Doesnt work the syntax is /manuadd (Player) (Group) : optional (World)
    i have tried |Manuadd @p Wizard|

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    Is that command able to be used in the console?
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    Yes but i have to specify the comand and the server allow me to do it once when it bugged out for a split second idk whats going on but it ran the command once then i did /manudel a1legged and tried the command block again didnt work
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    So you can do it in the console, then you should be able to do it with command blocks.
    Command blocks are essentially console commands.

    When you type manuadd player etc... in the console, how exactly do you type it for it to work?
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    manuadd A1legged Wizard 0
    manuadd A1legged Wizard

    Ty for helping me.
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    manuadd @p Wizard
    That is suppose to work then...
    Also have you tried other commands like

    say testing
    To make sure you have it enabled and the command block works?
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    remove the permission that shows u when you got promoted. Then you cant see that you are promoted, no need to make a plugin/recode it :)
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    yes i have command blocks enabled and i have over 30 command blocks being used in my small server for setting up classes this one is the last one i need to set up for the spawn area then i dont have to ever go back and change it.

    and still not working did what you said any other tips, information.
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    Here, just send me the IP of the server and ill help you.

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