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    Suggested name: 1v1 Parkour

    What I want:

    Setup: Players type the below commands to set up a 1v1 with eachother.

    Customization: The player who set the invitation gets a set of GUI's to choose options for the race when the other player accepts. They have 30 seconds to do this. (Possibly the time left is indicated in the XP Bar?) In the first GUI, they choose the map to race on, which it's information (Starting Coordinate, Ending Coordinate) is set in the config. In the second GUI, the player chooses the potion effects for the race, which the available effects would be Speed, Slowness, Jump Boost, Nausea, and Blindness. (Possible in a third GUI, the player sets a first-to-x where the player must have x amount of wins for the 1v1 to end and that player is the official winner?) When the 30 seconds are up they are teleported to the start of the selected map (if no map chosen, then random), given potion effects for infinite time which are taken away at the end of the race (if no effects chosen, then no effects at all), and they have 5 seconds before the race starts. If the race isn't finished in 1 minute the race ends.

    The Courses: Start and end points (or the finish can be a certain block and the winner is the first to step on the block) defined by the last 2 commands below.

    Ideas for commands: /1v1 [player] , /1v1 accept , /1v1 create [name] , /1v1 [name] start

    Ideas for permissions: 1v1parkour.user (for first 2 commands) , 1v1parkour.admin (for all commands)

    When I'd like it by: 2 Weeks?

    If you'd like to help, I'm here to answer any questions you might have :)
    (Bonus: Coder Rank on near-released server :p )
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    Thanks but I had already seen this. I use RaceGames for big groups of races, but the reason I posted this request is I would really like a customizable 1 versus 1 plugin. I really don't know how to use GUI's and Im pretty uneducated overall. Id really appreciate help I could get here

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