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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by DoingItWell, Sep 15, 2014.

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    There are multiple initiatives going on to help provide a gap for missing a CraftBukkit 1.8 solution.

    For those looking, an option available today is here:
    - link redacted by Eyamaz, please don't use shorteners -

    You can write custom plugins even use a limited subset of Bukkit plugins.

    There's no dependency on Bukkit or MCP so doesn't have a lag time waiting for those before updating to new versions.
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    oh my goodness! thank you so much! may god bless your soul! All servers should move to this! :D
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    I just checked out Rainbow version 17 and it looks pretty nice.

    I will probably take down my vanilla 1.8 server and set this one up in its place.

    Thanks for the heads up.
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    Was checking out the demo server, and it looks like it works really good. I'm going to be replacing the vanilla server with this.
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    As a regular player of 1.8 "Rainbow-Core" as I call the Rainbow server software, I can tell you that in a week (I only found out about Rainbow a week ago) when I spent more than 4 hours a day playing, I found no bugs. None. Minerals, mobs, new blocks, all are where they should be and act as they should. I did not try to spawn a Wither or kill the Dragon yet, because I am still far from that stage of the game. I heard a group of players managed to get to the End and kill the Dragon and that all went as expected there, too, but I was not with them.

    As plugins/modifications of the game, as far as I know there are:
    For OPs:
    - weather control
    - a powerful and yet undefeated Spawn area Protection that disable any redstone device and despawns all minecarts (TnT or not) and all mobs that enter it. (Be very careful you, who enter on a horseback. You might loose the saddle and armour, too, when your horse despawns to never return.) It also denies PvP. Only OPs can set the area and do in this area all they could do anywhere else on the map. Regular players are in a sort of Adventure mode where they can click on signs and stuff, but they can not place or break anything. Not even fire or lava. Arrows shot drop at the shooters feet if shot from inside, without interacting with anything, not even with frames. Arrows shot from outside dissapear at zone limit the instant they fly through it.
    - a very limited attempt at a World Edit functionality, mainly //set pos and //set (blockname). No //biome or //replacenear or //expand, //shift or anything else.
    - a tool to check who placed/destroyed blocks anywhere on map, but with no rollback implemented yet in case of griefing.

    For regular players:
    - /home, /sethome, /spawn, /tpa, /tpahere, /tpaccept, /tpdeny, /spawn, /warp... All teleporting abilityes of a regular single world Bukkit server. I do not know about multiworlds because the server I usually play on has only one world.
    - Kits with fully configurable contents and "cool down" time intervals between 2 consecutive usages. Kits can also have random items in them, choosen randomly from a customizable list of items. These can be awarded to players by click on signs or even on certain game objects (set by OPs).
    - Ingame money with ability to give all online players set ammounts of IGM at certain intervals. No Jobs plugin or player shop exists yet. /bal, /pay, all commands work just like on any normal Bukkit server.
    - A fully configurable (by OPs) shop based on /buy and /sell commands, where anyone can /sell item in hand or choose from a list of item names. They can also /buy items chosen from a list.
    - Most or all player available commands can be used by simply clicking on signs who have the command written on them.
    - No land/chest/door protect/claim plugin available yet. Admins can create protected areas and add players to them, but players can not or, if given permission, players could also overwrite Spawn area settings. 2 different coders work on a land claiming/protecting plugin for Rainbow Core players as we speak.
    - No McMMO even though coders are working at it as we speak. For now, only McMMO repair and dismantle are implemented, no McMMO experience system, no extra drops or increased weapon abilities yet.

    I probably forgot a lot of other good things implemented in Rainbow Core and its plugins. I hope others can add here what I might have missed.

    PS: It even has an API for classic Bukkit plugins (WIP, new commands, events, lists of methods are added daily) and as far as I (a non-coder) understand it, every Bukkit plugin needs to use something of the API. The larger the API gets, the more Bukkit plugins can use it and work on Rainbow Core as they did on Bukkit. Rainbow API will, probably, some day, become as large as old Bukkit API, allowing all old Bukkit plugins to work on Rainbow Core, too, but that day is not near. Probably not this year, IDK.
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    Rainbow, huh? Is this how a few servers managed to update to 1.8 and still have working plugins?
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    Yes, it is. And it has been done by a single coder, not by a large team (at least the core, most plugins are made by others while he updates the core taking into account plugin coders' requests).

    Since yesterday we do have a Lockette-like plugin for locking chests, soon to be updated to include doors too.
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    I replaced my vanilla 1.8 server with Rainbow 17 and it has been working flawlessly for a couple days now.
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  10. Actually it's pretty nice for starters :p, unfortunately i can't run it anymore as a "vanilla" server with my hoster, probably they detect mods :p, so i can't really use it as a temporary replacement for technical reasons.

    Did anyone write a mod providing an event registry with priorities yet?
  11. The last few spigot builds allow 1.8 client connection (the game is still limited to 1.7 features though).
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    If it does not have the 1.8 features, it is not 1.8, even if it allows 2.0 clients to connect. We were talking about 1.8 alternatives in this topic.
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    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. The disappearance of Bukkit after the 1.8 release has just about killed my server. There are a few of us diehards lingering on in vanilla 1.8, without protections of any kind, but we had to close the doors to new players. This project offers me some hope of being able to open the doors again.
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    First, let me start by saying thankyou so much! I'm certainly going to be using this!
    Second, I seem to be unable to access your forums... I just registered my account, and I liked one post, and when I when back to the forum index I got "User 'pNQC3YP3kEZzKnR' has exceeded the 'max_questions' resource (current value: 75000)" Tried reloading the page a few times, but didn't seem to help. Any ideas on how I can get back on the rainbow project forums?
    I'm running the latest version of Mac OS X 10.9 btw
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    That is, probably, some internal limit of the host of the forums, it means 75000 operations on the forums per hour. It renews every hour, so just try again. It happened to other people too.
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    This problem was cleared, website is running great now.

    This the best alternative i have tried for running a 1.8 server with plugins, Not only does it run well, Doingitwell updates this thing regularly, more and more developers are creating useful plugins and so far running it for the last month or so, it's running great. You should check it out.
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