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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Digital_God, Sep 14, 2011.

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    I 'LOL' @ YOU!

    A. People are comparing pre-release to the actual release. There is a reason why pre-release has the 'pre' in front of it, a.k.a not official. Pre-release still contained many bugs... do not compare it to the actual 1.8 release. In fact, they just did a simple patch-up job so little kids can stop bitching; enough to keep bugs down till 1.9. Also meaning that all the difficult work was left over to the people developing/modifying the server software used to run MC. Like I just found a couple of bugs myself I will report later.
    B. Pre-release NEVER released the source code for 1.8 servers. Meaning: no code for Bukkit to work with in Pre-release.
    C. If you have ever messed with both Creative and Survival MC code then you WILL KNOW the difference in the level of organization and parameters used to keep everything in place. I was actually blown away by the fact they incorporated a scroll-bar into the Creative version AND single hand breaking. PLUS double-tap space bar for fly.
    Now, when this is installed into an actual server, we have commands to change game modes now; meaning it's 2 versions of MC in one.
    D. I can assure you that even if Bukkit is updated you WILL MOST LIKELY need new plugins for ANY region based command or world based commands... since the incorporation of /gamemode (INSTALLMENT INTO MULTI-VERSE) and enderman( CAN FUCKING MOVE ITEMS!!! TROLLFACE.JPEG) is and WILL require new parameters/arguments (etc examples). I hope you guys enjoy getting griefed and or not being able to use WorldEdit to paste buildings. :D
    E. I would also assume that with the increased specs of graphics there will be issues with lag also... and iChat might just have issues too.

    Just a little something to think about. I know some of my info will be off, but O'well. Off of my couple years of messing with java code I can only assume this much.

    But as an adult I have to say: Be patient dudes. Stop being the obnoxious kid everyone wants to /ban-vote.
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    Dear Digital_God, if only you actually knew what you are talking about.
    Your post is filled with bad assumptions and incorrect information.
    It's hard to spot any valid information in your post at all.
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