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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by agafaba, Sep 14, 2011.

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    It's not Bukkit, same with Vanilla.

    Rightclick works?
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    Confirming door glitch, bukkit 1124
    It seems to be, that the status of a door is different between server and client.
    Opening and closing a door syncs this status
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    YES! i noticed this too but didn't think to much about it as i never come anywhere near my cap anyways, but i confirm
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    Has anyone noticed that there seems to be a lot more creepers creeping? They are all in groups and they really don't give you enough time to even get away before they explode, especially after you hit them back. They also seem to aggro on you at a further distance. I'm not sure if I am the only one to notice here, but everyone on my server is complaining about it.
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    These guys? At night they spawn really often. Nights will never be the same D=
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    You are lucky, then. My upload bandwidth doesn't cope well with this bug and players of my server suffer heavy lag every minute or so...
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    i am pretty sure this is not a bukkit problem though but a 1.8 minecraft thing
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    What about the door glitch in build 1128?
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    Testing it now

    EDIT: Ok so as of 1128, Single wooden doors work correctly as long as you don't use any type of switches (levers, pressure plates, buttons etc.). Double wooden doors and iron doors do not work at all with the one exception of double wooden doors letting you through if you only open one side and stick to the edge of the entrance.
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    Thank you for testing it. I just wait for a build without this glitch for our server, because everyone is using the double wooden doors.^^
  11. Omg fix this!, if any player dies on our server it's unplayable for 2 hours...
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    Can someone make a plugin :p
    Plugin: Disable exp orbs or remove them from death.
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    You could use World Guard for now and disable damages so there are no deaths...It's what I am going to do if this becomes a problem :p
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    You can set pvp off in server settings, you dont need a plugin for that
    Well i have a pvp server we need to kill people :p
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    dupe bug in the latest build
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    My server is spamming with this. Bukkit #1129
    On #1060 I could have 100+ players, now I get this spam crap when I reach ~30 players.
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    ... describe how it's done so it can be fixed? Also, which specific build?
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    Set max players to 20 atm, bigger will create lag
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    as phondeux said, this isn't helpful. What do you do to dupe stuff, which build precisely (they've been releasing them as often as one an hour recently)
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    as i said,#1129
    it happens when dropping/putting items/blocks from/to inventory
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    Not all situations, though. Still can't get through double doors (wooden) using hands to open/close.
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    In my in 1.7.3 generated world, some chests changed their direction. And it looks like, that some doublechests are stuck in the wall. Is that a bukkit bug?
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    It's raining indoors using 1129. I'll try 1130 ASAP. Maybe a Minecraft bug?
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    As far as I know, creepers were changed. Although there's no changelog evidence to support it, I heard from someone that they explode now at the exact distance when your sword becomes "out of range" to hit them.
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    Yeah, this is a minecraft bug as it was happening on my server with vanilla.
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    Dropped xp orbs that crash the server are bukkit's or minecraft's bug?
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    I noticed that others have the difficulty stuck on 1. My difficulty seems to be stuck on 0 for some reason, no monsters spawn and constant hp regen, even at 0 hunger level. Build 1130.

    P.S. - I love you team bukkit.
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    Great work so far guys \o/

    Finding minecart physics differs greatly between #1129 and Vanilla. Carts won't climb powered rails as well as they do in vanilla (lots of rolling back halfway up an incline) and they also very quickly lose momentum and speed on straight sections.
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