1.8 build requires new world

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Jedin_starke, Sep 17, 2011.

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    Okay so I am aware that the 1.8 update will require a new world in order to get the dungeons, and villages going, but will this still work if we leave our current area and start a new map without making a new world altogether? has anyone tested this? I would just rather not lose my progress if i can take a walk to another map and get the new content. Thanks.
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    You can use the current world. Just go explore new areas.
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    how would i update bukkit? is it by updating plugins or reinstall it or both?
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    Wicked thanks!! Everyone on my server would be POd if we had to start over. I should have figured that notch would have thought of that.
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    can and prob will cause some issues on ur map :p
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    Use something like worldborder (when it and CB update to 1.8.1) to trim your world, and then re-expand...regenerate your world with 1.8.1.
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    As soon as Bukkit and the proper plugins are ready, my solution will be to start fresh but to offer a portal to the 'old' world so people can slowly transition over. To help with the transition, working jobs in the old world will offer no money, and be temporarily doubled in the new one. I'm also considering removing the old world's ore as well.
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    Back up your entire world folder BEFORE you update ;)
    I've got iterative backups on hand so it wasn't really a big deal when the chunks went completely bananas on explored areas of the old 1.7 world some builds simply vanished, some looked major griefed and some had half of them removed.

    Just a heads up is all, its still very much a Dev build so working without backups would be entirely absurd ;)
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