Solved 1.8.8 swing packet + hit detection

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Xp10d3, Sep 4, 2020.

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    Hello. I got a stupid idea, but I'm wondering how I can get a swing packet sent from the player? I just want to mess around with hit detection and swing packets like Hypixel and as to why WatchDog gives YouTuber's better hit reg then normal players/ranked players. Just want to mess around with it; don't have any code at the moment. And YES, I'm using 1.8 since it's the best version for PvP.

    EDIT: I saw this thread:
    However that is quite outdated and don't know how I'd port that to 1.8
    Also that ^ I couldn't find much about hit detection, swing packets, etc. But I just skim read it.
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    Are you sure you can't just use events to achieve your goal?
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    Yeah never mind lol mb. I figured it out using
    2. EntityDamageEvent

    I believe. But ye, it was some kind of event lol. I just checked if the entity that was damaged was a player and that the entity that damaged the player was ALSO a player, then canceled the event randomly xD Whoops. Thanks Kars.

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